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Bargello benches listed on eBay

by brae  

I've listed the blue-green bargello benches on eBay, shipping worldwide.  :] more »

Miniature lathe

by brae  

No, I haven't fallen down a rabbit hole never to return.  :D  Life has taken over the past few weeks, but all in positive ways.  In some fun news, friends surprised me with a miniature lathe for my birthday! They even machined new tools since they… more »

Bishop Show Chicago Fall 2017

by brae  

It's mini show time again!  I headed to the Bishop Show - Chicago Fall 2017 event tonight and came home with a few goodies.  I also saw the classes for next year's Bishop International Show, so I have some things to consider.  :] All About Miniatures.… more »

Paw prints

by brae  

It's my birthday week.  Well, it has actually been my birthday month filled with outings, lunches and dinners with family and friends.  :D  I'll have mini presents to share soon, but I am busy, busy, busy this week especially.  I've been making a dress… more »

Bargello II - completed

by brae  

I've finished the new coloration bargello stitching.  Interestingly, the one on the left took 5 hours and the one on the right took 4.25 hours, just like the first time around.  It must just take more time to plot the first one, whereas you can just… more »

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