Category: "Miniatures"

Scratch built sofa

by brae  

I borrowed Dollhouse Magic by P. K. Roche from the local library, and it turned out to be a rather simplistic book of miniature making, such as using thread spools for tables.  But, her instructions on using kitchen sponges to make sofas and chairs inspi… more »

Scratch built kitchen pendant lamps

by brae  

I had been planning to put in can lights in the kitchen ceiling since this is a deep room that will be dark once the ceiling is permanently attached, but I still wanted some sort of fixtures over the island and the dining table.  I have a light for the… more »


by brae  

I used some leftover IKEA stain for the front door, finishing it and the white doorframe and window with satin varnish.  The doorknob and doorplate are by Clare-Bell Brass and came in chrome finish.  I wish more minis came in silver and chrome finishes… more »

Range hood lighting

by brae  

I had built a lip on the bottom of my range hood to give a more realistic look and to have room to add a light. I chose an LED strip by Novalyte, cutting a rough hole in the balsa to hold the light in place.  These lights are compatible with 12V dol… more »

Spice rack

by brae  

I knew I wanted a wall mounted spice rack, but I wasn't sure how to go about making the little spice jars to go in it.  I considered using beads for the base and perhaps polymer clay to make the caps, but I couldn't really find anything that worked.  Mos… more »

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