Category: "Miniatures"

Flipping the opening direction of a Houseworks door

by brae  

Houseworks has some of the best dollhouse components on the market, and their doors are fabulous in that they are premade and hung in frames.  All you have to do is slide them into place.  But, sometimes you want the door to open the other direction. … more »

Scratch built garage shelves and goodies

by brae  

In between working on portions of the Greenleaf Spring Fling structure and accessories, I built a new set of shelves for the Newport.  The table I had used for the last setup was too large and actually meant for a different room in the house. I made… more »

Kits from the UK

by brae  

While buying supplies from a shop in the UK, I added a plant stand kit by McQueenie Miniatures to my order.  It's a beautiful kit made from mahogany that was very easy to put together.  I sealed the wood with satin varnish by Delta Ceramcoat to bring… more »

Llama rug

by brae  

I stitched another pattern from Exquisite Miniatures in Cross Stitch and Other Counted Thread Techniques by Brenda Keyes, the same book where I got the pattern for the orange tree tapestry.  Unlike the first project, I hadn't planned to change the… more »

Fancy papers for printies

by brae  

I like to make a lot of my own artwork and design elements such as rugs for the Newport since it is so easy.  Printing on fabric is also something I've tried with good results overall.  I bought some specialty papers from The Crafty PC to try, and they… more »

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