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Cross stitch rug background colors

by brae  

I am back from my vacation and ready to get back to the Newport!  I did manage to work on the altered Janet Granger rug while away.  At just under 70 hours, the entire design is done!  :D click image to enlarge Now comes the long process of filling… more »

Two for the road...

by brae  

I have some exciting holiday plans coming up, so I won't be online much.  To that end, I leave you with an update on the needlework project.  I am now at 53 hours of work...phew!  Just about done with the design and then it will be on to filling in the… more »

Guest room planning

by brae  

I haven't glued the walls in place just yet - need to finish a few minor things first - but I did try out a quick layout in the guest room. click image to enlarge The bed and the chair will likely stay, but the bureau is just a placeholder for a… more »

Greenleaf Baslow Ranch – A memorial

by brae  

click image to enlarge Wednesday, June 16, 2010: After much anticipation on the Greenleaf forum, we got word from Dean at Greenleaf Dollhouses about the contest results.  He said they had chosen the winners, but the announcement would have to wait… more »

Baslow Ranch - Contest on Facebook

by brae  

In addition to the Greenleaf Dollhouses contest I've entered, is holding a "piggyback" contest where you can vote for your favorite through July 4th. Click HERE to view the entries.  Baslow Ranch is Entry #6.  Please stop by and vote!  T… more »

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