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by brae  

With the extended front porch, I have more room to add plants.  My first idea came from this photo of two tall topiaries on either side of a front door.  There is a similar item for miniature settings on the market, but I wanted them to have the "snowman… more »

Fabric printing - replicating a pattern

by brae  

I get a lot of my ideas for the Newport décor from real life size rooms in decorating magazines.  One of the problems in replicating those designs is not being able to find suitable fabrics in both color and scale.  Quilting fabric often comes in small… more »

Dining furniture makeover

by brae  

For the dining area, I wanted a table reminiscent of Crate & Barrel, like their Avalon Extension Dining Table. I found this light wood table by Classics in a similar shape.   One coat of black paint, and I had exactly the type of table I wan… more »

Miniature area rug

by brae  

I followed the technique on this Finnish website.  I couldn't read the instructions, but the photos were clear enough: glue pieces of yarn to a fabric backing.  I used Red Heart cotton yarn in a variegated pattern and a piece of scrap linen blend… more »

Faux crochet afghan

by brae  

I know how to crochet real life size items, but I remain in awe of those who crochet in miniature.  I might give it a try one day, but in the meantime, I figured out a way to make an afghan that looks crocheted using premade trims and some sewing… more »

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