Category: "Miniatures"

Sneak peek with Isabeau

by brae  

I've had the week off from work and completed some work on my Creatin' Contest build.  Here's a quick sneak peek with Isabeau modeling.  I've added Brodnax Willow wallpaper, stained trims and installed the new single door. more »

Lovely flowers and garage minis

by brae  

I received a birthday package from Debora today.  She sent me some of her gorgeous handmade flowers along with some Chrysnbon kits (she knows my weakness).  These are all ready for planting, so I'll have to decide whether they will go in a planter or be… more »

Online Miniature Show - now open

by brae  

The online miniature show is open to all today and runs through August 14.  Come on by!  :D  Here are a few of the new items listed. more »

Copper plant stand

by brae  

Today I did a lot of furniture painting, and here's one of the finished items -- a copper plant stand with a delicate patina. The lovely plants were a gift from Debora.  She makes such tiny perfect flowers.  :D more »

Online Miniature Show - coming next week

by brae  

After a few years of buying from the online miniature show, this year I am selling my miniature wares.  :D  Early bird shopping starts August 9, and I'm offering free U.S. shipping or $4 off international shipping for the early birds!  The show opens to… more »

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