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Antique wall phone

by brae  

The Chrysnbon phone/clock/coat rack kit has a wonderfully detailed set of mini accessories. The phone is very well done as is, but I wanted a smaller wall phone.  So, I used the hook, receiver, mouthpiece and bells to make my own.  You can see the… more »

Fabric bolts

by brae  

I made up some fabric bolts using balsa wood and fabric scraps from my stash.  They were time-consuming but an easy project.  :] The labels are images I found on the internet, printed on Avery labels.  I wasn't very careful with the application of the… more »

Chrysolite kits

by brae  

Finding good lighting is always a challenge but not impossible.  I've used Chrysolite kits in the past, and I like their adaptability even if they are more old fashioned in design. I had one Zenith Hanging Lamp kit in my stash, and Debora sent me a… more »


by brae  

Clyde is a handsome Hoopoe bird by Katie Doka of FairiesMiniatures. She's captured the plummage beautifully.  Be sure to check out pictures of them interesting!  :D more »

Bishop Fall Show 2016

by brae  

The smaller of the two Bishop Shows that comes to Chicago was on this weekend Friday and Saturday, and I went over there today.  I didn't buy many items, but there were goodies to be had. The Little Dollhouse Company: this is a tiny compass made by Jane… more »

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