Category: "Miniatures"

The Monarch

by brae  

One of the Martians has shape-shifted!  :D It was my first time making a doll let alone dressing one, and I just decided to wing it.  bah-dum-PAH!  Nothing is glued in place other than her hair, so she can be dressed in other garments if I like.  I… more »

Skeleton flamingos

by brae  

Who doesn't love a kitschy lawn ornament or three?  :D Saved from a life as discarded swizzle sticks, these flamingos now have an undead existence in the Haunted Heritage lawn. I've listed the extras in my etsy shop.  :] more »

Birthday suits

by brae  

=wolf whistle=  Look at those figures!  :D The pipe cleaner skeletons have been padded and wrapped in embroidery floss.  To get the one a bit taller, I pulled his legs.  haaaaaaaaa!  Now they're ready for clothing.  I've never made clothing this small… more »

Take me to your leader

by brae  

Haaaaaaaaaaa...sometimes you just have to play.  :] more »

1913 Model T Van - introduction

by brae  

You've likely guessed I'm not building anything modern considering my mode of telecommunication and that snazzy wallpaper, so I'll spill some more beans.  This is a 1/16 scale Model T Van by Entex.  There are decidedly fewer parts to the Model T kit… more »

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