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Vintage plans and Sue Cook fireplace on eBay

by brae  

I recently bought two miniatures lots on eBay, but part of the items are not my style.  I had zeroed in on the few items I wanted, so I'm offering the remaining items back on eBay here. This Sue Cook Georgian fireplace is gorgeous, but I won't be… more »

The remaining days at the Bishop and 3 Blind Mice shows - April 2014

by brae  

We returned to the 3 Blind Mice show on Saturday.  This was mainly for April since she had had only one hour to view the show the previous afternoon. I found this great pocket door from J & J Dollhouse Minis.  They had a few, so I bought another and… more »

Bishop, day one -- 3 Blind Mice, day two - April 2014

by brae  

April flew into town for a ladies weekend, and we met at the Bishop Show on Friday for the preview sale.  :D  We made a beeline for a few vendors we wanted and then just wandered around.  There was a ton to see, some old favorites and whole lot of new.… more »

3 Blind Mice - April 2014

by brae  

I went to the 3 Blind Mice show tonight, its opening night.  There were several rooms of vendors, and I was able to find a lot of great stuff. The first stop was Greg's table, All About Miniatures.  He has some great old new stock.  I picked up some… more »

One settee, two settee, and always an animal on it...

by brae  

I'll be around intermittently this week as I gear up for a house guest and the Bishop International and 3 Blind Mice shows.  Hooray! Last year, I used HBS's generous 40% off April Fools coupon on the Greenleaf lighthouse kit for Walnut Bay Light.  This… more »

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