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Say what now? Yep, I'm on Instagram

by brae  

I have dipped my toe into social media and signed up for Instagram.  :D  Huge step for me, really.  I have no idea what I am doing, so be kind.  I'm still rocking a ten year old cell phone, so these icons and functions are like learning a foreign… more »

HBS Halloween Contest

by brae  

I've submitted an entry in the HBS Second Annual Halloween Contest.  Voting runs 10/16 through 10/22.  You can vote by liking the individual picture in the album linked here.  I would greatly appreciate the support.  Mine is the one with the two dolls… more »

Bargello benches listed on eBay

by brae  

I've listed the blue-green bargello benches on eBay, shipping worldwide.  :] more »

Miniature lathe

by brae  

No, I haven't fallen down a rabbit hole never to return.  :D  Life has taken over the past few weeks, but all in positive ways.  In some fun news, friends surprised me with a miniature lathe for my birthday! They even machined new tools since they… more »

Bishop Show Chicago Fall 2017

by brae  

It's mini show time again!  I headed to the Bishop Show - Chicago Fall 2017 event tonight and came home with a few goodies.  I also saw the classes for next year's Bishop International Show, so I have some things to consider.  :] All About Miniatures.… more »

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