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Under the maple tree - part 1

by brae  

I'm back to making leaves, and a tree, for the Creatin' Contest build this year.  I changed my mind about the season for Milo Valley Farm when I made those autumn leaves, but I won't be using them for this build.  Instead, I picked up more of the Marcy… more »

Building a solid foundation

by brae  

After the roller coaster of cat drama subsided, I was finally able to get back into miniature work.  I've bricked the foundation with egg carton bricks.  Always time consuming but with a big return on investment.  :] I had two partial tubes of Burnt… more »

Miniature artisan, lovely person, good friend

by brae  

I had the pleasure of hosting Elga for a long weekend during the miniature shows in April.  She came all the way from South Africa!  Oh, what a lovely time we had!  I had always enjoyed our email exchanges, but we got on like a couple of old friends… more »

Ready for a mini excursion

by brae  

I had the pleasure of meeting Fran in person during the miniature shows in April.  We had been chatting online for a few years, and I had bought some of her lovely items in the past including some vintage suitcases and well-loved umbrellas.… more »

Mom's Kitchen

by brae  

I made mom a gift for Mother's Day, though I was late in the offering. :D I got the idea from Blondie -- this was a project one of her local mini groups did where they made a little kitchen setting in a jar.… more »

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