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Bishop Autumn Show 2015

by brae  

Tonight was the Bishop Autumn Show, and it's still running tomorrow.  :] The first stop I made was to Greg's table All About Miniatures, featuring a vast display of JBM Miniatures (Greg's eBay link, amazon link).  I have a weakness for Windsor chairs,… more »

More minis in the mail

by brae  

Barbara is back to spoiling me rotten!  She sent me a care package, and this is just a sampling of the goodies she sent.  She's been helping Friedrich with his card tricks.  These are actually just large enough that you could play with them in real… more »

More items listed

by brae  

While working on some etsy orders, I've completed a few more new items, too. Playful owl pillows. Happy piglet pillows. I also have an old item back in stock -- a rustic settee with worn out cushion and pillows. This coordinates with the rustic chair. more »

A quick switch between hobbies...

by brae  

I'm going to take a short break here to make a dress for a special event coming up soon.  :D  In the time not spent working on that, there will be secret HBS build progress going on.  So, it might be a little quiet around here for a few days. more »

The Wee Sisters Three

by brae  

April, Blondie and Debora sent me the most adorable trio of mice for my birthday.  These three wee sisters are Daisy, Poppy and Fleur.  While they each have their own personality and vary in looks, I still might have to make bracelets for them so… more »

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