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Wee "c" Miniatures Show 2017

by brae  

Shameless plug first - the November Online Show is open for Early Bird shopping today and opens to the public tomorrow morning, so come on by! ---------------- Tonight, I headed to the annual Wee "c" Miniatures Show.  It's a smaller show but there are… more »

The November Online Show - Nov 10-15

by brae  

I am participating in the November Show coming up this weekend.  Early bird shopping starts Nov 10 at 8AM MST, and the virtual doors open to the public Nov 11 at 8AM MST.  The show runs through Nov 15 6AM MST, so come on by!  :] more »

Happy Halloween 2017

by brae  

I have had very little time for making minis other than completing my etsy orders, but I am here to wish you all a Happy Halloween!!!  :D  Life is good, though, and so posts will continue to be sporadic.  Happy mini-ing! Also, you can see the Halloween… more »

Say what now? Yep, I'm on Instagram

by brae  

I have dipped my toe into social media and signed up for Instagram.  :D  Huge step for me, really.  I have no idea what I am doing, so be kind.  I'm still rocking a ten year old cell phone, so these icons and functions are like learning a foreign… more »

HBS Halloween Contest

by brae  

I've submitted an entry in the HBS Second Annual Halloween Contest.  Voting runs 10/16 through 10/22.  You can vote by liking the individual picture in the album linked here.  I would greatly appreciate the support.  Mine is the one with the two dolls… more »

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