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Quarenteeny Art Show Competition

by brae  

The Quarenteeny Art Show Competition hosted by tiny art show is on!

Interestingly, art shows look the same in the future, only the patrons have changed.

Turned wood stand by Bill; bench by minisx2; cat from HBS. I painted the tiny art by taking mini canvases to Paint Nite events.

More spring minis

by brae  

I've been making more items for my etsy shop.

My robot makes a handsome model, no? :D

Crystal perfume bottles

by brae  

I've added an array of crystal and hematite perfume bottles to my etsy shop.







Planter carts for spring!

by brae  

I took a short break from making pillows to upcycle some plant carts for my etsy shop.

Hammered bronze...


Paint Nite, in miniature - 3

by brae  

I once again went to a Paint Nite event at a local restaurant (you can see my previous paintings: one and two). From the link here, you can see the moonlit night painting the artist and host Sarah Benkin would be teaching. I brought a mini sized canvas instead of using the provided canvas. The mini canvas was made using textured scrapbook paper glued to mat board with spray adhesive and then coated with white acrylic. It has a more subtle texture than the canvas note cards used previously, so I will likely use this base in the future.

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