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Quilling kits for sale and cat update

by brae  

I posted about some quilling kits I inherited in a previous post.  I've finally gotten around to posting the ones I don't plan to keep on eBay.  Come on by and see if there is something you like.  These are vintage kits but complete and sealed.… more »

The Miniature Show - debut

by brae  

This was the first year of The Miniature Show, so we headed there in the morning.  The main part of the ballroom had a large center where the show organizer, Swan House Miniatures, displayed wares from various artists, each labeled with a name card. … more »

Bishop Show 2016 - Preview Day 1

by brae  

Went to the Bishop Show today.  My main mission was to buy a lucky bamboo from Lamis Minis.   Mission accomplished!  :D Michael of Atomic Miniature had two especially wonderful projects -- an IKEA catalog scene. And, an old motorcycle with a little… more »

3 Blind Mice - 2016, day 1 of mini shows

by brae  

I made the rounds at the 3 Blind Mice show this evening and found a good selection of minis and supplies.  First stop was Greg's table All About Miniatures, featuring a vast display of JBM Miniatures and many supplies for landscaping, building and… more »

Datsun 240ZG - part 8 - painting details

by brae  

Continuing work on the Datsun 240ZG.  April is here, and I think it's time I set aside the Datsun to work on the HBS Creatin' Contest and Watson Mill.  The Datsun takes a lot of time and a lot of work space.  I'm also getting close to assembling, which… more »

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