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Dog pile!

by brae  

In the midst of Creatin' Contest deadline madness, I managed to spend some time working on pillows.  There are twelve all new designs, and I have them listed in my etsy shop. I have traditional... Contemporary... And modern. Sherwood is a handsome… more »

Now we're cooking!

by brae  

It's a long holiday weekend, and there is mini madness happening around here!  :D  I've been working on the custom kitchen.  The drawers and doors are non-functioning but they work well for looks.  The knobs and oven front parts are from ELF Miniatures,… more »

Making draperies

by brae  

Now that I've picked my favorite from the paper mockups, it's time to make the pleated draperies for real. I'm using my vintage Millie August Magic Mini pleating tool.  I have a post on the process here.  The only difference was this time I used Fray… more »

Modern bathroom flooring

by brae  

More paper transformed.  :D  This is Bazzill Basics paper in Dusk; it has a subtle texture.  I used 3M Super 77 spray glue to mount the paper to a layer of bristol board.  I sealed it with Delta Ceramcoat Satin Varnish and cut the tiles in 3/4" x 1 1/2"… more »

Bath progress

by brae  

The tile surround is glued in.  The bath tub is not in permanently.  I might leave it removable to clean/dust it.  The shower rod is also not permanently in since I still need to make a shower curtain.  The rod is a vintage brass piece that used to be… more »

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