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Portable readers

by brae  

I got my first pair of reading glasses a couple of years ago, and I never remember to bring them when I'm out.  :D  I use them occasionally during the day, but for the most part I don't need them except for reading.  I do have magnifying readers for my… more »

Mail call!

by brae  

I ran across at old Rondel Wood Products Mail Wagon kit on eBay, and now it's in my house.  Why?  Peer pressure, plain and simple.  You all know who you are!  :O All kidding aside, it's a simple little kit that makes one of these: a rural mail wagon.… more »

Happy Easter 2014!

by brae  

Archer and Juniper are sharing some treats today! I've used a basket from Nikki Rowe and ribbon candy from Blondie.  The birds are by Barbara Ann Meyer, and the plants are from Michelle of Little Rabbit Minis and The white Easter bunny… more »

Vintage plans and Sue Cook fireplace on eBay

by brae  

I recently bought two miniatures lots on eBay, but part of the items are not my style.  I had zeroed in on the few items I wanted, so I'm offering the remaining items back on eBay here. This Sue Cook Georgian fireplace is gorgeous, but I won't be… more »

The remaining days at the Bishop and 3 Blind Mice shows - April 2014

by brae  

We returned to the 3 Blind Mice show on Saturday.  This was mainly for April since she had had only one hour to view the show the previous afternoon. I found this great pocket door from J & J Dollhouse Minis.  They had a few, so I bought another and… more »

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