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Milo Valley Farm - landscaping - leaves

by brae  

I've made leaves from scratch in the past, but this time I am using a different approach. I bought two packets of pre-cut maple leaves in brown paper. These are by Marcy Jaffe but I bought them from a secondary seller on eBay. I decided to make up one packet, which includes two sheets, to start.… more »

Milo Valley Farm - window prep

by brae  

The windows for Denise's City Cottage come already assembled.  This is good and bad.  :D  Good in that you don't start with an overwhelming amount of small pieces and have to ferret out a window (or four) from said pieces.  Bad in that you have no way… more »

Making invoices

by brae  

Betsy indicated wanting to know how to manipulate images to make tiny versions of real items, like the invoices I showed in my Paperwork post.  Here's a quick tutorial on invoices, but this can easily translate into any type of document you would like.… more »

Enjoying the green outdoors

by brae  

Summer has arrived!  :D One of my favorite childhood memories was eating messy watermelon.  The watermelon is from Tweety Petie Products.  The plate is from A Lavender Dilly. Sherwood is hoping for treats, too.  I think I need a 1:12 scale Frisbee. … more »

Thinking up some ideas

by brae  

I've been playing with The Maple Room to photograph some placeholders for the blog while I work behind the scenes on other things.  I do like making these vignettes. This is often what I look like when writing the blog, though I do wear clothing...and… more »

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