Category: "Miniatures"

Retro laundry

by brae  

So, the roll-away bed looked fine in the modern laundry, but just look at it with a retro washer dryer set!  :D I even got a retro squeeze mop from The Dolls House Mall.  The broom is from Wright Guide Miniatures. The mop doesn't actually move, but… more »

Mini seed packets -- shake, shake, shake

by brae  

I bought a package of pre-printed seed packets by Farrow Industries at one of the local shows. These were made before laser cutters became all the rage, so you have to cut them out individually.  I used scissors to do this part. I scored lines with an… more »

Designer Emulation Kit 2, part 1

by brae  

I've been dealing with a fair amount of real life stuff.  Nothing outright terrible, just time-consuming.  Getting back in the swing isn't always easy, so I might be busting out a few small kits in the coming days just to get going with something. I… more »

Ticking stripe in miniature, part 1

by brae  

I had printed ticking stripe fabric previously for a tiny driftwood sailboat.  I first saw this on The Lettered Cottage, which featured the real life size boat from White Flower Farmhouse. It's a better match for scale than the mattress that came with… more »

Fire Hydrant

by brae  

One of the items on my mini wish list has been found!  It's the discontinued fire hydrant by Dee's Delights.  It's so red!!!  :D It's a remarkably detailed and realistic piece, and it's a shame these are no longer made.  Luckily, Mary's Miniatures had… more »

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