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That's it! I'm leaving!

by brae  

Or "leafing" is perhaps the word I need here.  :D  I finally had some time to work on the maple tree again.  This is three hours of work, so that ought to tell you just how much time this will take.  I foresee many movies and TV marathons in my future.… more »

Early Summer Sale - new etsy coupon

by brae  

I'm offering 20% off orders $40 and over in my etsy shop through July 8!  This coupon is valid for international buyers as well as domestic, but you'll have to let me know which items you're interested in so I can add your country to the shipping… more »

Under the maple tree - part 5

by brae  

Continuing work on the maple tree.  A real tree has a great deal more branches than the base I've created, and those branches taper into batches of leaves.  My purpose is to get the general feel of a maple tree and to accent the landscaping.  In the… more »

From double door to single

by brae  

The Backyard Bungalow kit comes with a double door, but to preserve some wall space, I modified it to a single door.  I love the design of the door window, so I never even considered swapping it out entirely for a readymade component. The doors are… more »

Under the maple tree - part 4

by brae  

Continuing work on the maple tree.  I filled the bottom of the trunk with water putty to make a solid base.  I wasn't worried about it toppling over, but I didn't want the outer shell to crack if it were bumped or squeezed in the wrong way.… more »

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