Milo Valley Farm - baseboard prep, modifications and lighting plan

by brae  

Before I start gluing pieces to the baseboard, I wanted to prep the edges.  For a few builds, I've left the baseboard unfinished but painted on the edges.  For others, I've added strip wood.  This time around, I'm trying something new...iron-on veneer edging.  I needed the iron tonight anyway, so why not?  :D  I also watched this video first.

It turned out so well I wish I had thought to do this for my previous builds.  Ah, well.  Now I know.

I like to cut the basic wiring channels before assembly, because it's easier to do it that way.  Sometimes a lot of thought has to go into the lighting, but in this case, it's a one-room building with only basic lighting required.  I bought some new old stock E-Z-Lectric light fixtures from Itsy Bitsy Old Stuff.  They had four packages of two lights and one package of two spare bulbs.  They all worked.  :D

These are great since they already look a bit aged; a few of the bulbs show crackling in the frosted glass finish.  I figured 4 to 6 inside the building, then save the extras for replacement bulbs.

There are similar fixtures on the market today, but they have black backings.  I liked the older look of these brown backings.  You could paint the more modern ones as well.

Exposed conduit would be nice, but I'm thinking channel molding would be the easiest way to go here.  I can always add fake conduit.  At first I thought about putting them on the wall, but with the offset window it might be an odd layout.

Then I thought about putting straight cross beams overhead and using 4 lights.  I think this will work much better, but I'll tape them in place during the next dry fit to see how the lighting looks inside.

I will have a front outside light, too.  Not sure of the exact style yet.  The best place will be above the door, so I cut an mdf insert to close up the area where the window would have been.  I cut down the door frame to fit below the main front cross beam.  I also cut the window openings.  I centered them from side to side based on adding the side walls (not shown in place here).

I made the front windows the same height as the side windows.

I cut the openings from the side and left some wiggle room for adjustments.  I will add shims once they are installed.


Comment from: Jeannette T [Visitor]
The veneer edging is a great idea. Thank you for sharing the video link. I am always learning new things from you. :)
03/26/15 @ 21:09
Comment from: Blondie [Visitor]
Those lights look great, and I think the four up top on the ceiling is faboosh!
03/26/15 @ 21:54
Comment from: Lynn [Visitor]
Hello Ms. Brae, At the risk of sounding stupid...where did you get that little power cord that you plugged the light into? Can you use that to test all kinds of miniature lighting? Love what you're doing so far!
03/27/15 @ 14:42
Comment from: brae [Member]
Thanks!! :D Not a stupid question at's a 12-switch 12V power strip. They have ones without the individual switches, but I prefer to turn lights on and off without having to unplug them. You can see more about it here: They aren't always easy to find. I hope they don't get discontinued. :no:
03/27/15 @ 16:07
Comment from: The Grandmommy [Visitor]  
I have some of that iron on edging, ,but have not tried yet. It is good to see it works well. Your lights are going to look really great. I have to get beyond my nervousness for day.
03/27/15 @ 17:23

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