Making photos from contact sheets

by brae  

When I order regular size photos from Kodak Gallery online, they send a contact sheet of what is in the packet.  These sheets have mini photos that are 9/16" x 13/16".  I also have some from Sam's Club that are roughly the same size, but those have numbers printed in the corners, which limits their usability depending on the photo's composition and the size you need.

This first example was made using a Kodak contact sheet without the numbers printed in the corners.  The mini frame has an acetate "glass" that I used to center over the part of the image I wanted.  I cut out the image and glued into place with the backer.

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The second example uses brass jewelry findings with 1/2" photo openings.  I first cut a template out of vellum paper, which is translucent enough to see through.  This way you can center the template over the image without guessing if you're centered over the portion you want.

I like these since the images are crisp and printed on quality photo paper and the frames already have holes to hang them on the wall.

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