Living room lighting and fireplace

by brae  

There are some great light fixtures on the market, but often they don't cast much light.  I recently found out about Novalyte LED fixtures that work with an existing 12V dollhouse system.  These are wonderful lights with long life and little heat.  They also give off a lot more light.

I decided to use them in the living room, as well as placing one in the adjacent powder room.  Simple installation: drill a hole, feed the light through the hole and pop on the finishing ring.  Easy peasy!

I had planned to put in a chandelier as well -- already drilled the hole for it -- but now that I see the can lights on, I don't think I need it even for design appeal.  It will be saved for another room or house.  :D

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The can light really helps in the powder room where I had only the vintage Lundby light from my childhood dollhouse.

I really loved the way the fireplace I made for the study turned out, but my living room needed something a bit more contemporary to go with the décor.  I built the chimney breast the same way I had for the living room fireplace, though this one will hide most of the electric coming from the upper floors as it winds down to the power strips on the base table.  The firebox is made from egg carton bricks just as I had done for the living room.

The fireplace skeleton is made from balsa and foamcore.

I then cut Greenleaf vinyl tiles to cover the facade...

...and used strip wood to finish the sides and edges.

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I painted the wood parts: black for the fire surround, white for the trim and Bittersweet Chocolate by Americana for the mantel.  I ended up going with a thicker piece for the mantel after seeing the mockup in place.  I cut and painted strip wood to finish the rough edges of the tiles used for the hearth.

The wallpaper on the fireplace wall won't be permanently attached until the house is nearly complete since I need to be able to access the wiring behind the chimney breast - so that's the reason for the poor fit along the ceiling and around the doorway.

The artwork is Plum Tree Panel III by Rodolfo Jimenez printed on Art Canvas by The Crafty PC.  I will frame it before final installation.


Comment from: eloise [Visitor]
Hi, I have just discovered your blog and am enjoying reading thru all of your dollhouse details and looking at your wonderful images. I am renovating my childhood dollhouse right now, and blogging about the whole process, as well as posting inspiring images from other bloggers. I wanted to know if I could have your permission to re-blog one of your pictures from this post, the final shot of the mackintosh chair and fireplace. Please email me to let me know at your convenience. Thank you & I look forward to continuing to follow your amazing work!
07/01/10 @ 11:21
Comment from: brae [Member]
Thank you, Eloise! I am honored you would like to use one of my photos. I will contact you shortly. :]
07/01/10 @ 13:05

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