Kitchen countertops

by brae  

I had previously painted the kitchen cabinets red.  I wanted to do a faux granite finish for the countertops, so I used a technique similar to the one I had used to turn a piece of cardboard into a marble hearth.

I first taped off the lower portions of the cabinets with wax paper and painter's tape.

I then gave all the countertop pieces a base coat of Moon Yellow by Americana.  It may seem bright, but very little if any of this color will show through after the faux finish process.

I then began layering different paints to get the look I wanted using a small stencil brush and a paper towel to blot the excess color.  I used Nutmeg, Vintage White, Mushroom and Coffee Bean by Folk Art as well as Pure Bronze by Apple Barrel.  I like this process since you can easily just go over any parts you don't like.  In fact, adding layer after layer adds to the depth of the granite finish.

After a few coats of gloss finish with steel wool application in between, I ended up with a decent countertop.  It's darker than what I had in mind and it looks a little more like Formica than granite, but I think the color and texture work well overall.  I still need to clean up the places where the paint seeped under the tape and onto the red portions.

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