Kitchen progress

by brae  

I knew I wanted painted cabinets, but I had a hard time deciding on a color scheme.  I searched through countless online sites for ideas and stumbled upon something I would never have thought of: red cabinets.  I like the cream upper cabinets shown in this photo I found online, so I am not sure if I will go with red for both the upper and lower cabinets for my kitchen or follow this example.

With red cabinets, the red brick wall I had originally planned for the kitchen would need to be modified.  Otherwise, it would be too much red.  I painted the brick white, which brightened up the entire room.  For the wallpaper, I chose Bazzill Basics scrapbook paper in a light grey/white called Glass Slipper; it has an iridescent sheen to it.  I needed something pale to offset the pop of red.

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The island, sink cabinet and corner cabinets are Euro Mini's.  I filled the hardware holes, because I wanted to put them higher on the doors.  It didn't make sense for them to be so low on the doors of floor cabinets.  For the sink cabinet, I wanted a different look than knobs, like the example above.

I also spackled the wall I had cut and reglued to have the door in the middle of the wall.  I didn't want the seam to show under the wallpaper.

I masked the tops and baseboards of the three cabinets and then applied one coat of Apple Barrel paint in Barn Red.  I liked that the wood grain showed through, so I opted not to paint a second coat.  I am still mulling over color ideas for the countertops and baseboards.  Once fully painted, I will add a coat of satin sealer to give them a shine.

There will also be two or three floor cabinets with drawers, but I haven't completed them yet.  The wood floor is one possibility, but I am also considering other options.  So far, I really like it.  :)

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