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Beautiful bed

by brae  

Even though Jasper Inlet Light isn't scheduled to break ground for quite some time, it's hard to pass up pieces I know will be perfect for my vision of it.  I've noticed that if I skip over something, it tends to be sold out and out of production by the time I'm ready for it.  I picked up this lovely bed from Regent Miniatures (a new name for a long time supplier on eBay.)

It has wonderful vintage styling with crisp white upholstery.

Let there be (more) Fresnel lens light

by brae  

I got a good deal on the other Harbour Lights Fresnel lens I was seeking for Jasper Inlet Light.  Click here to the see the first one I bought.  This is the 3 1/2 Order Fresnel lens.

It's hard to say which I like better, so it will just depend on which one fits best.  As with the first, the brass and glass model is detachable from the base.  This one does something the first one didn't - it flashes!  :D

My artist's model here is 5.75" tall, equivalent to someone 5' 9" tall.  The light on the base is 7 1/8" tall.  The brass and glass portion is 6" tall, 5 1/4" wide and 3 3/4" deep.

In other news, I bought a set of old Houseworks windows #5027.  It was a good deal for the lot, but I now have more than I need.  If you are interested in them, send me an email.  I'll pass on the good deal to you!

They come in their original boxes.

Let there be Fresnel lens light!

by brae  

So, Jasper Inlet Light is slated for breaking ground in 2014, based on current workload.  :D  But, I've been thinking about the lantern room from the beginning, figuring that would be one of the more difficult things to do.

While I was searching around online for options, I stumbled across the Harbour Lights Fresnel lens collectible series from the early 2000s.  Most or all are retired, from what I've gathered, but there is always the secondary market to consider.  There were a few I liked from the series, so I started keeping an eye out for one.

I lucked out and found this particular model new at City Lights Collectibles for a great price.  This is the Third Order Beehive Fresnel Lens from Big Bay Point Lighthouse Michigan.  It is roughly 8 1/4" high including the wood base.

The glass itself measures 5 5/8" tall.  The glass portion is attached to the dark green plastic base, so the entire removable unit measures 7 1/8" high.  The model here is 5 3/4" tall.

I found this reference stating that third order lenses are roughly 4' 8" tall, though I'm not sure if that means only the glass or the metal base as well.  Even if this replica isn't exactly 1:12 scale, I think it will make for a beautiful lantern room, which I'll likely end up scratch building to get the right fit.  Greenleaf makes a 1:12 scale lighthouse kit, which might be worth looking into as's often easier to bash something than to start from scratch.

For size reference, here it is in the Heritage kitchen, which measures 8 1/8" high by 10 1/8" wide.  I could easily make a lantern room 8" square.  If you've ever been in a lantern room of a lighthouse, you know how tight the quarters can be.

Yes, it lights.  :D  It's a steady light, no flashing or rotating, but it's lovely!  I plan to set it out and enjoy it until the build begins.

Because the glass and filigree base are removable, I can easily swap out the lighting mechanism when I build the lantern room.  Cir-kit has a flashing beacon on the miniature market that would work wonderfully.  How exciting!

I foresee another vintage kitchen in my future

by brae  

Apparently grandma's 1920s inspired kitchen won't be my one and only vintage inspired kitchen.  :D  I just found another great deal on craigslist for a Victorian stove by Bodo Hennig and a hammered copper range hood.

I've always liked these pieces, though I had no desire to make a full on Victorian kitchen so I've never considered buying them before I saw them on craigslist.

But, it occurred to me there is another build that would benefit from a vintage feel...Jasper Inlet Light.  :D  From the previous photos I posted, it's apparent I won't be making that lighthouse rustic but more high end nautical inspired.  A converted lighthouse, if you will, with all the modern conveniences.

So, I can see this over the top fancy stove and hood in that house.  It fits with the lighthouse history but also seems new, like it might be a modern replica.  I even like this wallpaper (Spring Breeze by Bazzill Basics) and the Greenleaf vinyl tiles with it.  Ideas, ideas.

It seems like this lighthouse is trying to cut in line, but I still think the Brownstone will be next.  I really want to do a completely contemporary build again.

Jasper Inlet Light - it has a nice ring to it

by brae  

Shame on me for doubting; the Woodline Victorian House kit is growing on me.  After a night's sleep and some thinking about the lighthouse, I think it would be a rather nice project.  I had a look through my nautical image file, too.

Here are links to a beautiful bed from House and Home and guest beds from Phoebe Howard.  This interesting photo from House Beautiful would be an interesting and less traditional way to decorate a dining room.  This page from Completely Coastal has so many great options for nautical decorating.

Recreating this staircase would be a challenge, but it would be worth the effort, especially if it had a reading nook like this one from Southern Living.

by C designs

Yeah, there would be a lot of bashing, but I can now see this... this.  Three chimneys! :D

Hereford Inlet Light, photo by USCG

It's still going to have to wait quite a long time...many houses in front of it.  So, who knows.  ;D  But, from the looks of my inspiration photos, I'm going to need a five gallon bucket of white paint.