Ivy Hollow - lighting

by brae  

Originally, I thought to have a removable roof and possibly a removable wall. I'm pretty much set on having only the roof removable at this point, so I put an additional window on the back wall for better viewing the interior with the roof on.

With a removable roof, ceiling lights are just too much of a hassle. Possible, but a hassle. I'm opting instead for wall lights only, and the Meyers Wall Lights are the perfect blend of vintage and shop. While considered an outdoor light, they are small enough to work well indoors. Plus, I like the look of the pea bulb (not shown in my photos since they are still safe in their packages). As for whether there would be electricity in this post office in 1917, I'm deciding yes!

Using the artist's model as a guide for height, I chose a place relatively high on the wall.

I'm still deciding if I'll have one on each side wall and two on the back wall.

I had originally planned on only one centered over the back counter, but the added window meant I would have to arrange any shelving or desk in a different configuration than originally envisioned. I could likely eliminate the one to the right of the back window and have plenty of light. That would allow for full shelving on the right, a cabinet under the window and then a desk counter on the left. I could also add a desk lamp. I'll do some mockups in cardboard to see what I like best.

I won't have an outside light since my inspiration post office inspiration did not. Let's just say the business hours were limited to daylight hours, but you still had to see to work inside. This would be especially important during winter or stormy days.

To install my wall lights, I'll need channels running to the floor and through the foundation. I'll also need a wire for the stove to run to the battery in the back. Having the building on an angle makes it easier to build a shed in the back to house both the battery for the flickering lights and the power strip for the regular lights.

Looks like Daisy has found a great place to curl up and stay warm. This beautiful sleeping kitty was made by JMDS. I'll need to make her a less modern pillow if she is to stay in the post office. :] She's rather pristine for a rural cat, so she might end up having a permanent home in another build. It's not as though I don't have enough mini cats to find one to wander into the post office.


Comment from: Debora L. [Visitor]
Love that kitty! Those are great lights. It’s all looking good!
09/17/19 @ 01:23
Comment from: Jette Sauerberg [Visitor]
Thought it was a real kitten until I read the comment. She is realy beatifull.
09/17/19 @ 08:28
Comment from: Sheila [Visitor]
Daisy is adorable! At least with the wall lights you can cover the wiring with clapboard after. Love the layout so far and the extra window is a great idea.
09/17/19 @ 17:27
Comment from: emjay [Visitor]
I too thought that was a real cat at first. I thought you had gotten a new kitten. So pretty.
09/17/19 @ 22:02

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