Italian shoes and matching handbag

by brae  

I now own three things from Italy, though I have never been there.  First is a Venetian mask I bought online about ten years ago.  And, now...these beautiful shoes with a matching handbag from the wonderfully talented Patrizia at  :D  I just love them!

I originally saw the shoes at the Bishop Show in Chicago back in April.  I hesitated about buying them and lost out.  The price was reasonable considering the outstanding workmanship and time involved; I just hadn't wanted to go overboard with shopping on my first night at the show.  When I went back later, however, the ones I wanted were gone.

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After looking at the photo I took at the show over and over, I decided to write to the artist to find out what I had to do to get those shoes!  She made a pair for me and (as a complete surprise to me) included a matching handbag.  It was so thoughtful of her.  I think the shoebox and shopping bag are so awesome, too.  :D

I don't typically carry handbags in real life, but I would carry this one and I would definitely wear those shoes!  :D

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Comment from: cockerina [Visitor]

I know the style of Patrick, and envy its accuracy! also I’m learning little by little to make shoes, but only for men, for now …
look here:
and also here:
and finally here:

if you want, one day we can do a swap, and I can do men’s shoes for you?
your shoes are very nice and also the bag is precious, a good match in real life!
Congratulations on your purchase, I love everything I see in the picture!
I’m fanatic of shoes, I have many pairs of shoes in real life, and my husband is furious … ah ah!
Thank you for showing, I will not sleep tonight, dreaming of shoes ….
ha ha! I wish you a good Sunday!

10/02/10 @ 15:28

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