I'm back!

by brae  

Did you think I fell into a deep sleep on that beautiful bed?  :D

I arrived back yesterday from a business trip to Vancouver, British Columbia.  There were 82 of us at this event, and I was part of the planning committee.  It was good to catch up with old friends, to get to know recent ones better and to make some new ones.  :D  I did have a couple of days for personal touring, too.  It was my first time there, and I definitely want to go back.

I had brought some needlework and mini flower kits with me, but it was pretty much a non-stop series of events between meetings, meals and activities.  During my off weekend, I stopped at Ross' Miniatures in North Vancouver.  Mary was so helpful and friendly.  I was able to find a number of interesting and vintage items.

This Timberbrook closet kit comes with working sliding doors and wood pieces to make an enclosed closet.

These are no longer made and hard to find.

I bought a number of packages of brackets for The Brownstone.  The ones that came with the kit require assembly and since I plan to add to the overall structure, there would not be enough of them to go around.

I found a contemporary chair and side table.  I've never seen anything like these before.

While I was away, some fun new minis from Blake at A Bohemian Bazaar arrived at home.  They are so well made.

The tweets are so tiny!

I slept most of the afternoon yesterday to make up for all the sleep I missed this past week.  Of course, Jasper wanted to play and snuggle.  :D  I missed seeing his furry little face every day.  Today is laundry and unpacking day.  It's good to be home.


Comment from: Debora [Visitor]
You have been missed!!! :D Glad you're back, and that you had a great trip!
06/29/13 @ 13:40
Comment from: April [Visitor]
Super finds! The woven side table is so neat, I've never seen one like it either. Blake's tweets make me smile :D
06/29/13 @ 15:26
Comment from: 12Create [Visitor]
Welcome back Brae. I really like the simplicity of the wardrobe and also like the contemporary chair. Tempted to try and make a chair in a similar style.
06/29/13 @ 17:03
Comment from: Lyssa [Visitor]
Wow! Love those contemporary minis! That woven table IS really unique. Awesome!
06/29/13 @ 18:58
Comment from: Lucille [Visitor]
Welcome back! So glad you liked your visit to Canada. I have never been to Vancouver. Lucky you! Cute table and chair!
06/29/13 @ 21:26
Comment from: Keli [Visitor]
Nice finds! That closet kit is really neat, I can't wait to see what you do with it. Glad to have you back, I wondered where you went...I'm glad you weren't sick, which is what I suspected.
06/30/13 @ 05:31
Comment from: Cyd [Visitor]
I'm swooning over that modern chair! Great finds!
06/30/13 @ 14:25
Comment from: Heather [Visitor]
What great finds. I love the closet door. I lived in West Vancouver for a couple of years before I got into mini making. I miss it sometimes. Now I have another excuse to go up there, Ross's Miniatures.
06/30/13 @ 18:35
Comment from: brae [Member]
There were a number of those chairs at the store...some with casters...and in different fabrics. :yes: Good stuff!
07/08/13 @ 12:29

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