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A mini doghouse, part 2

by brae  

Continuing on the mini doghouse for Gus. There were no shingles in my kit, though they are mentioned in the instructions. Maybe I took them out to keep them from getting wrinkled, which seems like something I'd do, but I have no earthly idea where they would be. It was no worry since I had some suitable shingles in my stash of supplies. These are half scale speed shingles by Greenleaf.

Considering the door is small, I wanted to see if I could keep the roof separate to access the interior more easily. A few extra steps, but I think it's just better in the long run.

There's an added beam inside to keep the roof from slipping out of place.

I painted the shingles a mix of black, brown and grey to start and then added some grey washes. For the house, I used crackle finish and off-white paint. The crackle finish was old, so it didn't provide pronounced crackling, but that seems to work better for a smaller structure.

I still ended up with a nice aged finish.

For the cupola, I added more trims to make it seem more realistic and more rain resistant. I painted the included weather vane to look like aged copper. It's thin wood, so I worry about its longevity. I left it unglued for ease of removal in case I need to pack away the house or choose to replace it.

All that's needed is a warm, comfy bed and some toys. :D

A mini doghouse, part 1

by brae  

I've had this kit in my stash for some time now: Miss Lydia Pickett and her dog house.

It comes with a resin dog for you to paint, but Gus seems to have his eye on the residence. :D

It's a rather large house for Gus, but that just leaves room for more stuff inside.

It's very fancy, and I plan to keep the original details for the most part.

As for the finish, I wanted a more aged look. I started with a wash of silver grey.

More to come....

The Porch - progress so far

by brae  

Let's get caught up with the Creatin' Contest 2022! Here's a reminder of the Welcome All Porch kit out of the box.

I changed the pitch of the porch roof to reduce the amount of roof surface facing forward. I cut two new triangles to support the two ends and cut a piece of plywood to serve as the porch soffit. A third triangle was cut later to finish the side wall support. With the lesser pitch, I was able to cut down a bit of the overall height as well.

I used bamboo sticks to finish the ceiling and floor, omitting any boards where the bamboo nodes (knots) would be visible. This material is less expensive than strip wood and creates a lovely finish once stained and sealed. After some trial and error, and paint washes, I ended up with a whitewash natural ceiling and a grey wash natural floor.

I've used 3/8" clapboard siding and plan an egg carton brick foundation. The lattice was cut from a 24" laser cut strip by Alessio Miniatures. I had to add strip wood to make it the right height, but it's a lot quicker than making my own. I'll be adding more trim and a corner support. As you can see, I've also added two small side walls to give the illusion of a full structure.

As usual, I do a lot of my work in dry fit, not gluing until necessary.

I used some vintage What's Next asphalt shingles for the roof.

Next up is adding that last bit of siding to the side wall, then lights, painting and assembly.

HBS Creatin' Contest 2022

by brae  

There's nothing like new kit smell!

The Welcome All Porch kit is here, and I've started my work list. This will be a secret build, unfortunately, but this is a relatively smaller build so I will have time for other side projects to post.

The porch footprint is larger than I expected, which gives me more space to play. It should work well for my idea.