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Ivy Hollow - windows, updated

by brae  

I ended up adding the mullions, and it transformed the windows instantly. :D

Ivy Hollow - tree, part 4

by brae  

I've finished up the tree. :]

Love looking up through the branches.

Ivy Hollow - tin roof

by brae  

I've made a rusted roof in the past, but this time I needed something that wasn't new but wasn't too old. I used QUICKUTZ We R Memory Keepers adhesive backed metal sheets. Back in 2010, I purchased a similar material in a 12-pack from Hobby Lobby. I would say the current ones are very similar in quality though fewer sheets come in the pack for a higher price.

I used a paper crimper by Fiskars, though they have others on the market now that will make wider sheets. I was able to make my old one work for my current project.

The material is very shiny as is.

I used Rust-Oleum Self-Etching Primer once I had the pieces measured and cut.

Once that was dry, I stippled on a layer of Liquitex silver and then a layer of Neutral Grey mixed with Staining Medium, both by Americana.

I had labeled the prepared sheets and used Quick Grip as the main adhesive. It's not the easiest glue to use, but it gives you some time to work. I supplemented the glue with Aleene's Quick Dry and super glue gel.

I like the middleground finish - not new, not old.  :]

Making a 1/12 scale horse - part 6

by brae  

Continuing work on the 1/12 scale model horse. After the initial primer coat, I fine-tuned the body and then did a final primer coat.

I started the final paint with some shadowing. I thought he looked like Batman right here.

The hair was accomplished with multiple layers of paint using small and large brushes. I made a lot of it up as I went.

Some areas on the body turned out better than others, and I can always rework later...but I was pleased enough to move on. I do really like the face.

I had planned to complete the mane and tail today, but the mohair I bought photographs as muted purple. It looks charcoal grey in person. Even with the mismatched color, I can see just how having the mane will transform the look overall.

Ivy Hollow - tree, part 3

by brae  

Continuing work on the tree. Sprouting foliage! :D

Good thing I chose autumn, so my tree can be sparse. haaaaa

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