Category: "Ye Olde Taxidermist - HBS Creatin' Contest 2016"

Repairing textured paper

by brae  

I am using textured scrapbook paper called Pressed Tiles - Brown, by The Paper Studio (purchased from Hobby Lobby) for the ceiling.  Love this paper!  I used it in the Heritage kitchen, painted white.  This time, I painted it Liquitex Antique Bronze.… more »

Three and a half months left...

by brae  

There are roughly three and a half months left to the deadline, and this is the time when I usually get impatient and want to reveal what I'm working on.  :D  Even Roland is sneaking about trying to see inside. This is also the point where my long… more »

Sunburst gable

by brae  

Here are the front gable parts that come with the Creatin' Contest kit. I started by gluing the bottom trim piece in place. I cut a piece of paper to fit the surface above the lower trim piece.  I cut a Woodsies circle in half and centered it on the… more »

Sneak peek with Isabeau

by brae  

I've had the week off from work and completed some work on my Creatin' Contest build.  Here's a quick sneak peek with Isabeau modeling.  I've added Brodnax Willow wallpaper, stained trims and installed the new single door. more »

Copper plant stand

by brae  

Today I did a lot of furniture painting, and here's one of the finished items -- a copper plant stand with a delicate patina. The lovely plants were a gift from Debora.  She makes such tiny perfect flowers.  :D more »

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