Category: "Ye Olde Taxidermist - HBS Creatin' Contest 2016"

1913 Model T Van, part 2

by brae  

Continuing work on the Model T Van.  Making models showroom new is not easy, at least not for me.  I can age and wear anything down with ease, but new takes time, effort and luck.  Gloss is also not an easy finish to achieve, but with a newish truck I have… more »

1913 Model T Van, part 1

by brae  

We're diving into the Model T Van box now that the sprues have been primed with their respective base colors. Even though models are molded in color, I still prefer a painted finish for more realism.… more »

1913 Model T Van - introduction

by brae  

You've likely guessed I'm not building anything modern considering my mode of telecommunication and that snazzy wallpaper, so I'll spill some more beans.  This is a 1/16 scale Model T Van by Entex.  There are decidedly fewer parts to the Model T kit… more »

Antique wall phone

by brae  

The Chrysnbon phone/clock/coat rack kit has a wonderfully detailed set of mini accessories. The phone is very well done as is, but I wanted a smaller wall phone.  So, I used the hook, receiver, mouthpiece and bells to make my own.  You can see the… more »

Chrysolite kits

by brae  

Finding good lighting is always a challenge but not impossible.  I've used Chrysolite kits in the past, and I like their adaptability even if they are more old fashioned in design. I had one Zenith Hanging Lamp kit in my stash, and Debora sent me a… more »

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