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Species reclassification - from maple to ash

by brae  

When we last left the maple tree, I had started adding the leaves.  While this was working relatively well, I stumbled across a wonderful tutorial by Connie Sauve on making realistic trees.  I kept going with the leaves, but it was still in the back of… more »

Sneak peek -- one month out

by brae  

Yes, I know every day counts when there's a deadline looming, but we are just about one month out.  It's hard to believe.  This weekend, I installed the lights and finally glued the building to the landscaping board.  My list is still long, but now with… more »

Sunday driving

by brae  

Sunday driving in the Model T will have to wait.  I am busy working behind the scenes...more soon.... more »

1913 Model T Van, part 11

by brae  

Continuing work on the Model T Van.  The kit comes with rubber tires that you stretch over the plastic wheels.  The wheels are substantial, so you don't risk snapping them in half during this process. From the examples I've seen, the real life wheels… more »

1913 Model T Van, part 10

by brae  

Continuing work on the Model T Van.  There are eight lights on this model: two headlights, two side lamps, two coach lamps and two taillights.  I figured I would give LED lighting a go for the headlights and possibly the taillights.  I opted not to… more »

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