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by brae  

I've been working on getting through the remaining steps for the Model T Van, and things have not been going well.  Mishaps with the insanely delicate steering and suspension parts means the wheels had to be glued so they will not turn or spin.  The… more »

Flip your lid

by brae  

I cut down the roof boards to fit the modifications I made to the kit, and glued them as one unit.  To finish the roof, I used asphalt shingles by What's Next (found a vintage lot of these on eBay a few years back).  I love the way these look and have… more »

Plantings and mowing...

by brae  

I've spent the past couple of days landscaping.  The tree and grass have been planted, and the dirt and gravel put in place. I made one branch to fit over the roof, because who is going to climb a ladder to trim it? I used Fine Ballast Dark Brown by… more »

Happy Thanksgiving!

by brae  

What else should be featured on Thanksgiving but food!  :D  In case you hadn't noticed with all the minis completed around here, I've had the week off from work.  So, today just feels like another vacation day, but I get yummy dinner at mom's. Today, I… more »

Mow, mow, mow your lawn

by brae  

I've built a handy push mower to make quick work of the upkeep. It's a Phoenix Model kit from Jennifer's of Walsall. It's recommended to use Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy, so I bought some from amazon.  This stuff stinks to high heaven with the hardener… more »

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