Category: "Ye Olde Taxidermist - HBS Creatin' Contest 2016"

Building a solid foundation

by brae  

After the roller coaster of cat drama subsided, I was finally able to get back into miniature work.  I've bricked the foundation with egg carton bricks.  Always time consuming but with a big return on investment.  :] I had two partial tubes of Burnt… more »

CC2016 - Third iron officially in the fire

by brae  

Here we go!  The Backyard Bungalow kit has been started.  I'm adding a moderately tall foundation, which I cut from 2" wide strips of plywood.  I like using pre-cut plywood strips so all pieces are the same height. Most of this build will be done… more »

Creatin' Contest 2016

by brae  

There's a new kit in the house!  This is the Backyard Bungalow kit for the 2016 Creatin' Contest hosted by HBS. What will it be?  :D #HBSCreatinContest2016 more »

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