Category: "Walnut Bay Light - HBS Creatin' Contest 2013"

Full steam ahead!

by brae  

There are 29 days and some odd hours until the Creatin' Contest deadline. I've been making a lot of progress but not much I can show without giving away too much.  I can show you an added divider wall.  I used the bamboo runner paneling.  There's an… more »

Easy paneling

by brae  

I'm sure this is nothing new to many people, but this was the first time I had tried this process.  I've seen others using real life placemats and blinds to create wonderful paneling or reed wall textures in miniature.  I'm putting in a fair amount of… more »

House of Miniatures Chippendale Desk

by brae  

I have my final layout for furnishings figured out, and I need a desk!  :D  I'm working with a House of Miniatures kit.   I built the desk without modification and painted it black to start.   I sanded the finish smooth and then added two coats of   more »

Painter's Pyramids

by brae  

I bought a set of Painter's Pyramids to help me while I painted my real life kitchen cabinets, but they are now in my mini tool box.  :D They are plastic pyramids with holes on the sides so you can use your fingertips to reposition them easily.  They… more »

Let's build a box!

by brae  

This past week, I was able to make some headway on the HBS contest kit.  I've made some cuts, did lots of math, started one of the more challenging elements and now...I need to get the base constructed before I can go further. I went to Home Depot, and… more »

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