Category: "Walnut Bay Light - HBS Creatin' Contest 2013"

Walnut Bay Light - Second Place Winner in the 2013 Creatin' Contest

by brae  

Walnut Bay Light has taken second place in the 2013 Creatin' Contest hosted by HBS!  :D more »

Walnut Bay Light - the spiral staircase

by brae  

The 16.25" tall spiral staircase is scratch built from textured and smooth plastic sheet, an orchid stake, wood beads and spindles, jewelry findings and brass wire.   Since I planned to have a substantial base, I cut part of the first floor of the ligh… more »

Walnut Bay Light - industrial lighting

by brae  

For the main tower, I wanted lighting that looked like it might be original to the lighthouse -- something practical and industrial.  There are some nice sconces and modern light options out there, but I wanted something very basic. I determined where I… more »

Walnut Bay Light - Tips and tricks for the Greenleaf Lighthouse kit

by brae  

While I did make a number of changes to the basic Greenleaf lighthouse kit, there are some things that might make it easier for someone putting one together out of the box.  Or, these tips and tricks might make you think of another method to help with a… more »

Walnut Bay Light - turning wood into concrete

by brae  

Walnut Bay Light sits on a large base that serves as the breaker. It started out as a large wooden box with a hollow interior for holding the wiring. I started the conversion to concrete by spackling the rough ends of the boards and any nails.  I mask… more »

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