Category: "Walnut Bay Light - HBS Creatin' Contest 2013"

Walnut Bay Light - vintage photo

by brae  

I finally gave FotoSketcher a try - it's a software a Greenleaf forum member showed us not too long ago.  You can make drawings, paintings, etc. from your regular photos.  I took a photo of Walnut Bay Light and played with the settings.  I love the… more »

Another photo book - Walnut Bay Light

by brae  

I had another coupon (this time from Joann) for a free 8" x 8" photo book with 20 pages from Shutterfly, so I added the next one to my collection.  This time, I made one for Walnut Bay Light. Roland and Sanford are featured on the back cover and as the… more »

Walnut Bay Light on the cover of The Dolls' House Magazine

by brae  

I'm so thrilled that Walnut Bay Light was not only featured in the July 2015 issue of The Dolls' House Magazine but was given the cover!  :D I haven't received my magazine in the mail just yet but I hope it arrives soon!  Thank you so much to Katie and… more »


by brae  

Roland and Sanford absconded with the cannon from Bill.  They also raided the spice cabinet for mustard seeds. When I found them, I tried to explain that it was rude to launch mustard seeds at unsuspecting boaters.  :\ I don't think they understood. … more »

New minis for Walnut Bay Light

by brae  

You know what the best kind of constructive criticism is?  When someone says, "That accessory looks cheap, I'm going to send you something fabulous to replace it."  Haaaaaaaaaa!  Ok, that wasn't a direct quote from Bill, but he certainly did send some… more »

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