Happy New Year 2020!

by brae  

Wishing you all a Happy New Year filled with joy and creativity!

You might have noticed the absence of the Birds on a Branch rug in the Ivy Hollow Post Office. Once I got past the halfway point with the bird rug, the more I envisioned it in a different space. But, I still plan to continue working on it. Now at 36.5 hours.



Comment from: Maarian [Visitor]
Feliz Año Nuevo. Un saludo
01/01/20 @ 12:05
Comment from: Kamelia [Visitor]
Happy New Year! :)
01/02/20 @ 07:38
Comment from: marilyn [Visitor]
I think it is far too posh for the post office; it really is very, very beautiful. How about a rag rug in there?
01/08/20 @ 13:57
Comment from: brae [Member]
Thank you! :>>

A rag rug would still be a nice addition, but I ran out of time and used one I bought at a local show. :yes:
01/31/20 @ 14:29

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