Happy Holidays 2012

by brae  

I set up a quick living room scene since the Christmas tree I decorated for the Newport is too tall for the Heritage parlor.  :O  I'll have to make grandma a tree of her own next year.

The couch, chair and coffee table are Bespaq, and I have a third chair to match.  The afghan is by Mary of Roslyn Treasures.  The curtains are a Marimekko design printed on regular paper, folded and tacked to the sides of the window.  The rug is from Dales Dreams.  The Shaker step stool was made from a kit by Miniature Wood Creations.  The wood is so nice I just sealed it as is with satin varnish.

The red paper bag and box with tissue on the couch are by Patrizia Santi (the shoes are at Baxter Pointe Villa).  The kitting, plant and table in the corner were purchased.  I made the bag of wrapping paper rolls.

The mini cookies on the dresser are from the swap arranged by Gail at Dolly's Gallery Miniatures.  Gail made glitter stars and trees, and Denise made gingerbread men.   The plates are from A Lavender Dilly, and the doily is from Stewart Dollhouse Creations.  The mouse is from a box of miniatures a group of us send around as an ongoing swap, and I made the topiary and cards.  The snowman bead was purchased some time ago.  I bought the frame and printed the owl drawing by Dürer to fit.  The dresser is a House of Miniatures kit made in a more modern finish.

I made all of the wrapped gifts except for the red one with the white bow.  That came from the traveling swap box as well.  :]

The wreath I bought a couple of years ago.

The lovely Caterina hosted her annual Christmas Swap this year, and my gifts came from M Carmen.  She sent me a lovely assortment of holiday minis, starting with a festive centerpiece with frosted pine cones.  It's very Pottery Barn.  The tea pot is by Jason Feltrope, and the tray is from artbase on etsy.  I made the cookies in the tin.

M Carmen also made a wreath from tiny pages of music paper with Santa in the middle.  Very vintage!

The postal service was a little rough on the remaining box of minis she included, so I am not sure how she meant for it to be originally.  There's a wooden box with a few minis glued in place: garland, a Santa hat, more of those adorable tiny pinecones.  Running around loose in the box were ornaments, ribbon, Christmas plaques, rolled paper, cards, candy canes and pinecones.  It's the perfect box for grandma's attic in the Heritage.  :D  And, I don't mind in the least that the contents escaped the box; I'll be able to use them displayed in the box and to decorate besides!  Thank you so much, M Carmen! 

As with my Jasper in real life, Cora is after the gift wrap!  :O

The floral painting is by Elga's daughter, Naomi.  It's so well done; the photos don't do it justice.

Wishing you all the happiest of holidays and a wonderful new year!  Thank you for all the support and friendship!


Comment from: Tony [Visitor]
You have captured the charm and atmosphere of the season just perfect Brae! A very happy Christmas and prosperous new year and many thanks for sharing all of your wonderful works and creations throughout 2012. Best regards Tony.
12/24/12 @ 14:15
Comment from: Kathi [Visitor]
Merry Christmas Brae! Your little scene is filled with wonderful things. I love it!
12/24/12 @ 14:43
Comment from: Terry Scott [Visitor]
Merry Christmas! I have enjoyed your blog so much this past year. I hope you will keep doing it a long, long time. I look forward to reading it every day. No pressure I hope!
12/24/12 @ 15:15
Comment from: elly [Visitor]
lovely room, Brae! You are so talented! Happy holidays to you, too. Cheers, Elly(Amsterdam)
12/24/12 @ 15:52
Comment from: Lucille [Visitor]
I love your Christmas scene, Brae. I had fun looking at everything. Thanks for creating it for us. Merry Christmas and a very, very Happy New Year. I think this is my second time in offering you my wishes but so what. Perhaps you will be doubly blessed. You deserve it!
12/24/12 @ 16:57
Comment from: Angie Martin Hall [Visitor]
Brae, thank you for this! I enjoyed this post while dining out with the family tonight...our food took forever to come to the table, so I enjoyed myself by looking at your Christmas scene. Thanks so much for helping to make 2012 so wonderful for me. Your blog is one of my favorite things to enjoy. Merry Christmas!
12/24/12 @ 21:44
Comment from: Elga [Visitor]
What a nice surprise to wake up and find Naomi's painting in your Christmas scene! Love your Christmas scene, it all looks so cozy, I dream of experiencing a cold, snowy Christmas at least once in my life. Thank you for your friendship this last year, have a wonderful Christmas and may 2013 be a wonderful year for you.
12/24/12 @ 23:48
Comment from: Keli [Visitor]
Merry Christmas, my friend. :)
12/25/12 @ 04:36
Comment from: Helma [Visitor]  
I wish you a wonderfiul Christmastime and your Christmas scene is lovely . so many things to look at. warm greetings Helma
12/25/12 @ 07:33
Comment from: La Pouyette - Karin [Visitor]
Your room looks very lovely and cosy! Just the way I remember it from "the old days", wonderful and authentic! MERRY CHRISTMAS and all my best wishes for a very good, healthy and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Greetings from the Périgord, Karin
12/25/12 @ 07:57
Comment from: Call of the Small [Visitor]
Merry Christmas, Brae! Your posts brightened my year! Happy 2013!
12/25/12 @ 10:25
Comment from: loredana [Visitor]
Merry Christmas to you too!
12/25/12 @ 12:15
Comment from: Pooh [Visitor]
Brae, your room is absolutely charming! I love all the small detaills to bring a room to life. Without explanation, one would never know they weren't looking at a real room. Kudos! Merry Christmas, Pooh
12/25/12 @ 12:46
Comment from: Karin [Visitor]
thank you so much for the lovely gift wrap as well as the wrapped gift box, the 2 tiny trees and the plate of maple leaf sugar cookies. All are beautifully made just like all the items in your Christmas setting. You made a wonderful scene! hugs Karin
12/25/12 @ 16:46
Comment from: brae [Member]
Thank you so much! :D
12/25/12 @ 21:23
Comment from: Jeannine [Visitor]
I love your attention to detail and proportions, the whole thing is beautiful! Jeannie.
12/26/12 @ 09:51
Comment from: Irene [Visitor]
What a lovely Christmas scene - so detailed with lots of lovely festive treasures. I hope you had a lovely Christmas.
12/27/12 @ 07:23
Comment from: brae [Member]
Thank you!!! :D
12/27/12 @ 19:05

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