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by brae  

I am gearing up for the next project.  I am feeling motivated and still in the mind to mini, which means I didn't push myself too hard in that last week of Ye Olde Taxidermist like I did last year with Otter Cove.  :D  I have a few things in the hopper.… more »

Merry Christmas 2013

by brae  

My tiny scene isn't as complete as I wanted, but with the busy holiday scheduled, it was the best I could do. I started a House of Miniatures cabinet for the wall, leaving off the front doors.  This still needs to be sanded and finished. As with many… more »

Hampton House - window trim

by brae  

I have the main building pieces painted and ready for the window trim.  I used a tiny brush to paint the trim while it was still on the frame.  I tried to keep the paint on the trim because I didn't want to fuse the trim pieces to the frame or to each o… more »

Prepping the Hampton House work room

by brae  

When I set up my fly-by-night scenes, I use a lot of tape in addition to smoke and mirrors. more »

Hampton House - inspiration and painting

by brae  

As I was trying to decide on colors and style direction, I found this lovely autumn photograph.  It's all over the internet, so the original source is impossible to guess.  I was drawn to the red window panes. I have these Fall Mixed Wire Foliage Branc… more »

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