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Micro Scale Models

by brae  

A recap post to make it easier to find the micro scale models.  You can click the title links for additional details and photos.

Riverwood Cabin - New Rail Models A-Frame Cabin kit in N-Scale - work in progress


Gustav's Mill - Archistories Windmill "Marienfehn" in Z scale - work in progress


Hampton House - 1:144 scale - work in progress

photo from website


Log Farmhouse - 1:144 scale - future project

photo from website


by brae  

I am gearing up for the next project.  I am feeling motivated and still in the mind to mini, which means I didn't push myself too hard in that last week of Ye Olde Taxidermist like I did last year with Otter Cove.  :D  I have a few things in the hopper.

First, I am back to stitching on the Tribal Foxes rug.  I have two new patterns I want to stitch, so I am making myself finish the foxes.  Here's where that left off at 73.25 hours.  I am stitching full cross stitch with single thread over 32 count Jobelan.

I started the tiny 1:144 scale Hampton House for the 2013 Christmas display, but I had always intended to finish it.  So, there's that project.  This could easily be put on a small tray and worked on when I need a break from the main project on the work table.

Milo Valley Farm needs a bit more structural work, but the main thing left is the Datsun.  I need spray painting weather (yeah, it's currently in the negative temps today), so this will be put off some more.

Then there's Watson Mill with the motorized sails.  This is where I am leaning most.  The fox rug and either of the next stitching patterns would work well for this build.  This project has been barely started, so I could dive in anywhere.

Of course, those rugs would also work for The Brownstone.  Here's the color mockup I made using the original Sketchup image from Mike.

I have the walls stored flat, so there's no rush to get it into three-dimensional shape.  I have quite a bit already invested in this project, so if I don't work on it next, it will likely be done right after the next project.

Considering The Brownstone is at least a two-year project and Watson Mill could likely take just one year, if that, I will likely work on the mill.  Let's see where I end up after cleaning my workspace and rearranging my supplies for a fresh start.  :]  I did not even mention the kits and plans still in waiting.  :O

Merry Christmas 2013

by brae  

My tiny scene isn't as complete as I wanted, but with the busy holiday schedule, it was the best I could do.

I started a House of Miniatures cabinet for the wall, leaving off the front doors.  This still needs to be sanded and finished.

As with many of you, I often have more than one project going at a time.  Hence, the partially completed Tinysaur T-Rex.

Look at those tiny pieces waiting to be cut from the frame.  :D  I will post about this project separately.  The paper towels are from Lysssa.

Cora is running around but staying out of far.  ;]

I made a tiny roll of masking tape for the work table.

The Hampton House is in a state of dry fit to determine where the greenhouse will sit.

It was not easy getting the tape to stick.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas!  :D

Hampton House - window trim

by brae  

I have the main building pieces painted and ready for the window trim.  I used a tiny brush to paint the trim while it was still on the frame.  I tried to keep the paint only on the trim because I didn't want to fuse the trim pieces to the frame or to each other.

I used a brand new X-Acto blade to clip the trim pieces from the frame.  Before I could glue them in place, I needed to paint the remaining edges.

Since I was using such thin layers of paint, the paint dried quickly and I could handle the pieces right away.  But, this also caused the paint to coagulate on the brush.  I just kept washing the brush as I worked, and that made painting much easier.

Only the tiniest amount of glue was needed to attach the trim.  I cleaned away any excess with the tip of the X-Acto blade.  The windows have two coats of Warm White which make them a shade brighter than the wall color.

I made a quick tablecloth for the work table and cut a tiny corner of the sandpaper I'm using for the mini scene.  I also added presents under the tree.  :D

The marvelous mini X-Acto is from Ulus Miniaturas.

I have many more accessories I plan to add to the scene, so I will save the rest for the final Christmas post.  I have a few other things I can blog about over the next few days.  :]

Prepping the Hampton House work room

by brae  

When I set up my fly-by-night scenes, I use a lot of tape in addition to smoke and mirrors.  These rooms aren't meant to be permanent, so the materials I use are quick and plentiful.  I don't use limited papers (unless they are only clipped in place) or spend a lot of time on room design.  It just needs to be a box with finishes that will blend into the background.

Here's my Halloween 2013 scene, for instance.  It was set up on the kitchen counter.  I used a sheet of unfinished wood flooring, a scrapbook paper sheet clipped to a piece of plywood and held up by a can of paint and miscellaneous miniatures to create the scene.  I have a box for balancing the camera in low light for the nighttime photos and a piece of white foam for diffusing the overhead light in normal lighting conditions.

Since I'll be working on this new scene for a few days, I set it up on a board so I can move it around.  For a room with sidewalls, I usually use the pre-cut piece from the Foxhall Conservatory I used to make the Newport garage.  Unfortunately, it was one of the few things ruined in the lightning strike, but I have the front board from that kit as well as the windows.  I could cut a new board, but this will work for now.

The windows have only a coat of primer, so perhaps I should take some time to finish them eventually.  :D

I need one side wall for this setup, so I used duct tape to attach another spare board for better stability without permanence.  I didn't have a large 3/8" thick board for the floor, so I used three smaller scraps.

I taped an unfinished flooring sheet in place since I don't have any finished ones awaiting installation.

I use common cardstock paper in a neutral color when I cut for my temporary scenes.  It's replaceable after use, though I do try to keep it for future scenes if I can.  I use double-sided tape to keep it in place.

I install the windows backwards so I don't have to worry about interior trim.  I don't have a double French door painted white, but I have one stained for the Chalet.  I just hope it doesn't offend anyone's sensibilities to have white trim throughout, except for the door.  :D  I put the "glass" in the corner window but left it out of the door and far window.  I happen to have some finished baseboard pieces, so I used mini hold wax and a clip to keep those in place.

To fill in the view through the windows and door, I placed a scrap of white foam on the work board to simulate a snowy ground.  I added a smaller Lemax tree that I bought to decorate for the Heritage...looks like that won't be happening this year.  It's a nice stand-in for an exterior tree seen through the window.  I propped up my scene board with a printout of Winter Landscape and Trees by Icefront that I found on  I will try to find a new scene for this set-up, but this is the only winter one I have on hand.

My decorated tree has lights operated by a large battery box.  The rug is from Dale's Dreams.

I set the tree in the corner and pulled the battery box through the door and around the solid side wall out of sight.

Now we're getting somewhere!  How to hide the wire going out the door?  Two options...PhotoShop or a really huge present!  :D

I tried out a work lamp (this is the lovely lamp Monique sent to me).  The cord can exit stage left.

Both the power strip and the tree battery box are behind the scenes.

While I do love this lamp, I think it is going to glare too much for the scene.  I'll dig through my stash of lights to see what I have or I could whip up a new shade for it.

I have most of the Hampton House pieces painted.  Soon it will be time for assembly.  :]

By the way, my tree won second place in the Trim a Tree contest hosted by Mary's Miniatures!  I have a gift certificate to spend thanks to your generous votes!  Thank you!!!  :D

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