Half Clocked - The Clocks, part 2

by brae  

Continuing my posts on the clocks from Half Clocked.  Please click here for part 1.

Debora made the beautiful brass clock.  The brass had naturally aged while in storage, and that made the hands hard to see.  I added a little black paint to bring them back.  I cut and painted a block of basswood to serve as the wall mount and attached the clock to the porch.

The front gable was enclosed to make more wall space, so I needed a lot of clocks to fill the area.

The two large openwork clocks are from Arjen Spinhoven.  I painted them black and Liquitex Iridescent Bronze.  The hands are cut as one piece, but I was able to give them some depth by shaving the front/back of each piece.  One set separated during the process, so I was able to set it to a different time.  Below, you can see the clock kit and the plant stand that is also used in the build.

I detailed the black Chrysnbon wall clock in Part 1.

The round pale green clock and the pocket watch clock are kits from Art of Mini.

I printed new dials and added watch hands.

The small round clock in the upper right is a jewelry finding with the bail removed.

The fancy framed clock was a frame kit by Diminutive Details.

I printed a new dial and added watch hands.  I left off one of the laser cut trims in the final assembly since it seemed too overpowering.

The teapot clock is from the Newport.  I printed a clock face, pasted it to a round bit of wood and pressed it into an open jewelry finding in the shape of a teapot.

I purchased a whimsical clock kit from the online mini show, but I made only two of them for lack of time (it makes five clocks, but three are shown here).

These were to be dimensional, but the parts were so small I opted to make mine more in the line of pressed metal.  I added block backs to give them a more realistic feel.  They also have glitter accents and watch hands.

The cat clock is on the window wall.  The clock above it is a metal scrapbook frame with a new printed face and watch hands.

Yeah, had to have a cuckoo clock in the cuckoo clock, right?  This awesome kit is from MiniaturasMyE.

It came with a wood cuckoo, but I wanted a little more realism.  I thought I had a half scale bird from Barbara Meyer, but I couldn't find it.  Instead, I used a full scale bird and shaved it down to fit.  It wasn't until later that I realized the cuckoo was out but the time was not on the hour (or half hour).  :\

I moved the hands to the right place...much better.  :D

The fancy plant stand is from Arjen Spinhoven.  I didn't want to lose the carved detailing, so I stained it Minwax Driftwood and finished with Delta Ceramcoat Matte Varnish.  The working clock on the top is from Halls Miniature Clocks, and the ceramic rabbit and brass seal figurine were likely from Manor House Miniatures.

More to come....


Comment from: Debora L. [Visitor]
I love all the details!
12/26/18 @ 20:18
Comment from: Anna [Visitor]
Oh Brae, it is all wonderful. I am still trying to get my head around how you pull everything together so beautifully and quickly. As always, all the links are really fabulous. Thanks so much. Anna
12/27/18 @ 04:45
Comment from: ann [Visitor]
Happy New Year. You have assembled such a unique, interesting collection of clocks that are so authentic. I smiled to see that you are using jewelry findings, too. The cuckoo clock has to be my favorite.
12/27/18 @ 06:15
Comment from: Sheila [Visitor]
I love all of these clocks! So many different ones! So much fun to look at and there are all these lovely details. Can't decide which I like best.
12/27/18 @ 08:08
Comment from: Deborah [Visitor]
So many fun ways of making your different clocks. The clock in the teapot jewelry finding is one of my favorites, although the cuckoo clock is a work of art. I cannot believe you shaved down those two clocks to give the hands some depth. *That* is patience and dedication to perfection. I wondered if you would have a working clock from Halls, and I see that you do on top of that pretty stand you made. So much fun to read this post!
12/27/18 @ 09:10
Comment from: elizabeth s [Visitor]
A well chosen and artful display of your Unique clock collection, Brae . The cuckoo and the playful cat are perhaps my favourites however they're all keeping time together to Perfection :) Wishing you a Very Happy 2019!
12/27/18 @ 11:37
Comment from: Kamelia [Visitor]
All clocks are amazing, but cuckoo clock is absolutely my number one!
12/27/18 @ 12:13
Comment from: Wendy [Visitor]
Fantastic work, Brae! The clock theme is brilliant.
12/27/18 @ 13:45
Comment from: Gayle Taylor [Visitor]
All the clocks are wonderful but my favorites are the brass clock, the cuckoo and the wee fish.
12/27/18 @ 21:44
Comment from: Fabiola [Visitor]
Beautiful clocks!
12/28/18 @ 11:19
Comment from: Jodi [Visitor]
What a neat way to showcase all of the wonderful clock kits out there, how to make them your own and turn them into something really special! The cuckoo clock it incredible!!!
12/28/18 @ 13:25
Comment from: betsy rogers [Visitor]
WOW! You have found and added to so many many different clocks!!! What a wonderful way to showcase these tiny marvels of creativity! I love the whole idea of this build.... but wouldn't you want the front of the house to be a real clock too???? (I know that was unfair of me... I would be trying to make a real cuckoo clock of the whole project! LOL!) I am always intrigued by what you make! :):)
01/01/19 @ 09:48
Comment from: brae [Member]
Thank you all so much! :>>

Betsy - you can see the working cuckoo clock front in the main post; there's a video at the end of the post. :yes:

01/02/19 @ 13:20

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