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Spring Fling chimney, part 2

by brae  

Have I mentioned I love egg carton bricks?  :D  Yes, they are a lot of work and very time-consuming, but they just give such an awesome result.

I had to cut away the roof to make room for the chimney.

I then cut two additional pieces of foam core board to finish the chimney on top of the roof.

Getting level and complete coverage of bricks around this top section was challenging but so worth it.  :]

When you see it next it will have on its Sunday best...painted, sealed, grouted and a finished top.

Turning cherry into dark chocolate

by brae  

Further to my pursuit of dark flooring, I took Lyssa's advice and used Minwax Wood-Sheen Rubbing Stain & Finish in Plantation Walnut (on clearance for cheap, too!) to darken the red I ended up with last time.  Two applications almost got me there.  It did remove most of the red, which was good.

click image to enlarge

I then mixed Staining Medium and Bittersweet Chocolate paint both by Americana, a drop of Liquitex Payne's Grey paint that I've had for at least 15 years and two drops of basic black acrylic paint.  I brushed the mix on liberally and waited a couple of minutes before wiping off the excess.

click image to enlarge

Here it is with a piece of the original walnut I started with.

click image to enlarge

I'm going to let it dry completely before making a final decision on the color, but I think this might be it.  Any darker and I'll lose the grain, I think.  Plus, I still need to seal it which might deepen the hue a bit as well.

click image to enlarge

There's one stinkin' board that is still too light.  That will go toward the wall where it will be covered by furniture and a rug.  :D

Spring Fling chimney

by brae  

Where there's a fireplace, there must be a chimney!  This is my first time building one of these, and so far it hasn't been bad...just time-consuming.

I built the base from foam core board layers glued together and loosely taped to hold the shape while the glue dried.  This is actually the second base I built for this project, and the final one.  The first one was a bit too narrow and more of a mockup to see how it would look in general.

Previously, I had altered the photos to keep most of the house secret, but I've put in the real ones now so you can see it in relation to the rest of the build.

It has a hole built to fit around the firebox.  The skinny channel in the middle is to disguise later electrical wiring for the upstairs rooms.

click image to enlarge

And sits behind it like so....

click image to enlarge

I'm using egg carton bricks for this as well, though I've cut them a tad smaller than I did for the firebox (1/4" x 11/16").  I actually did some math on the final foam core base before cutting it out so I would have the right dimensions for my bricks.  The bottom is equal to six complete miniature bricks across the bottom edge.

I cut longer egg carton pieces to wrap around the edges to give the appearance of three dimensional brick.

Once they are all in place, I'll paint, seal and grout.  :]

Spring Fling fireplace

by brae  

There are a few Spring Fling sneak peeks lurking about, so here is mine.  This is the fireplace for the firebox I made.  I've done a lot of work on the build since this...but none of it can be shown just yet.  :D

The fireplace itself is made from foam core and scrap wood, like the one in the living room of the Newport.  The facade is made from vinyl Greenleaf tiles leftover from the kitchen floor in the Newport.  I still need to make a hearth for it.

click image to enlarge

Here's the overall view...and no, these aren't the finishes for the room where the fireplace will be.  ;]  The basket is from Glenda of Peppercorn Minis.  She does marvelous work!

click image to enlarge

The two side bookcases are half scale Houseworks bookcases with every other shelf removed.  I did one of these for the Newport as well.  I popped it into the microwave to loosen the glue, removed every other shelf  and then painted it.

The whole structure is one solid unit all glued together, connected by the wood mantel.  The deep brown color is Bittersweet Chocolate paint by of my favorite color finishes.

I bought this little globe on eBay because I loved the coloration of it.  Ann at Amazing Miniatures had one similar that I thought was marvelous, too.  Not sure it will find a permanent home in the Spring Fling...but it was close by when I was setting up the photo shoot.

Two more months left to work...seems like so much needs to be done.

Egg carton brick firebox

by brae  

I started working on a firebox yesterday and finished bricking it today using egg carton bricks cut 5/32" tall by 3/4" wide.  This is about all I can show you of the work I did this past week during my minifest vacation.  I got a lot accomplished this week off from work.  :D

Here it is after painting, sealing and grouting.  I'll add some soot shading later on.

Egg carton bricks are just about my favorite trash-to-treasure material.  I used them on the Newport foundation.

And, I used them to make the study and living room fireplaces in the Newport.

Those are Greenleaf vinyl tiles on the outside and hearth here.

So, now you know I have a fireplace in the Spring Fling build.  Hmm...I hope I haven't given too much away.

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