Category: "Greenleaf 2011 Spring Fling - Baxter Pointe Villa"

Spring Fling chimney, part 2

by brae  

Have I mentioned I love egg carton bricks?  :D  Yes, they are a lot of work and very time-consuming, but they just give such an awesome result. I had to cut away the roof to make room for the chimney. I then cut two additional pieces of foam core… more »

Turning cherry into dark chocolate

by brae  

Further to my pursuit of dark flooring, I took Lyssa's advice and used Minwax Wood-Sheen Rubbing Stain & Finish in Plantation Walnut (on clearance for cheap, too!) to darken the red I ended up with last time.  Two applications almost got me there. … more »

Spring Fling chimney

by brae  

Where there's a fireplace, there must be a chimney!  This is my first time building one of these, and so far it hasn't been bad...just time-consuming. I built the base from foam core board layers glued together and loosely taped to hold the shape while… more »

Spring Fling fireplace

by brae  

There are a few Spring Fling sneak peeks lurking about, so here is mine.  This is the fireplace for the firebox I made.  I've done a lot of work on the build since this...but none of it can be shown just yet.  :D The fireplace itself is made from foam… more »

Egg carton brick firebox

by brae  

I started working on a firebox yesterday and finished bricking it today using egg carton bricks cut 5/32" tall by 3/4" wide.  This is about all I can show you of the work I did this past week during my minifest vacation.  I got a lot accomplished this… more »

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