Category: "Greenleaf 2011 Spring Fling - Baxter Pointe Villa"

Custom built wine rack

by brae  

I am so brimming with excitement over how this turned out that I just needed to share.  :D This is attached to a Houseworks cabinet, so I built a box from 1/8" thick bass wood to mimic the structure of that cabinet.  I painted just the lead edges of… more »

Door to _____?

by brae  

So, say you need access behind a wall...what do you do?  You build a door to get there.  :D I started with a piece of 1/32" thick bass wood cut to the size of the door I needed (my wall in this example is 1/16" bass wood).  Around this, I drew a… more »

Spring Fling progress

by brae  

I've been working hard on the Spring Fling and am eager to share what I've been working on!  :D  I'm hoping all the prep work I've been doing will make the build go quickly once I have the structure glued together.  Yes, that's right...29 days to go and… more »

Bonnie Lavish Sunflowers

by brae  

I made Bonnie Lavish red dahlias previously and loved the results.  The kits are super easy, too!  This time around, I made sunflowers.  I love sunflowers!  There's a field on the way to work that has sunflowers planted about every other year, sometimes… more »

Oly Studio Ichibad Side Table in miniature

by brae  

Here is the side table I built, inspired by the Oly Studio Ichibad Side Table. Below is the original table for comparison.  The top is made of shell and the legs are turned iron. My version was made from a premade wood square that measured 1 1/4"… more »

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