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Baxter Pointe Villa - bathroom

by brae  

One of the upstairs rooms is a bathroom with a vintage tub and wonderful light.  As much as I like to zoom in for realism, this house has some nice "dollhouse views" when you show the open back.  :D This was a tiny, dark room w… more »

Saltwater aquarium in 1:12 scale

by brae  

There are several miniature aquariums on the market, some with lighting. In fact, I had one in my childhood dollhouse, though I lost track of it a long time ago. Additionally, there are miniaturists out there who have made their own fish tanks. There's a… more »

Baxter Pointe Villa - 2011 Greenleaf Spring Fling

by brae  

Presenting Baxter Pointe Villa!  :D  Many of the photos in this post can be clicked to enlarge.  For a list of posts about how I made things, please click here. And, from the back. Here is what the original kit with the side addition looked like… more »

Race to the finish line!

by brae  

Here is the last sneak peek before the big debut.  I will post my reveal as soon as I submit my photos for the contest...probably Sunday, hopefully before then.  :D click image to enlarge The artwork is Racing with the Moon by Jacqueline Penney… more »

Sunflowers in the window

by brae  

Only a few more days...  :D click image to enlarge more »

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