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The results are in - Baxter Pointe Villa takes 3rd!

by brae  

Hurray!  The results for the Greenleaf 2011 Spring Fling contest are in and Baxter Pointe Villa has taken 3rd place!

You must check out the 1st and 2nd place winners!  Both top notch works of art.  Here is a full gallery of the entries.  So many fabulous builds!

Thank you to all who sent in your lovely words of encouragement!

Seasons: minis and the backdrop

by brae  

I love to use backdrops in my photos of miniature scenes.  I think it adds a lot of realism and perspective.  Here is the kitchen in Baxter Pointe Villa.  The scene in the background is appropriately captioned On the Beach.

The main reason I use backdrops is because I have a hard time seeing the miniature room as a whole when I am looking at my own real life dining room through the windows.  :D

Here's one of the initial dry fit layouts of the first floor.  All that stuff in the background distracts me.

When I first started planning, I didn't have a beach scene printed out so I used the Bodie, CA backdrop from Baslow Ranch.  Ghost town or not, it certainly helped get me out of the background and into the proper space of the room.

Then, once I added a beach scene, the whole mood changed.  Just as in real life, the light and colors reflected from outside change the coloration inside without even a drop of paint added.

The way I use my backdrops is to print the image on 11" x 17" paper and tape it to a spare piece of foam core board.  I can raise it or lower it depending on the perspective I need, or if I'm photographing a lower or upper floor.  If there are windows on adjacent sides, I prop up two boards.  They don't have to match side by side, but I do need to make sure the seams don't show through any of the windows.

In the Newport, I used Winter Landscape and Trees by Icefront that I found on for the Christmas scenes in the study.

My usual backdrop for the Newport is a clipart image of a lovely autumn scene, shown here in the guest room.

Let's see what happens when Baxter Pointe villa changes from summer at the beach... autumn in the hills...(scarecrow detailed here)

... and then to winter after an ice storm.  Brrrrr.  (wrap and presents detailed here; poinsettia by Lyssa)

Swap out a few accessories to match the background, and there you have it...a completely different mood.

Baxter Pointe Villa plan and a giveaway and a feature!

by brae  

I was going through my idea file today since there are still a number of beachy things I'd like to add to Baxter Pointe Villa going forward, and I found the initial mockup of my idea...before I found the wind turbine or realized the cupola would not work on my redesigned roofline.  I also hadn't thought about a chimney yet and therefore didn't flip the stairs.

I still think I came pretty close to what I initially imagined.  :D

And, in exciting news...I've got a giveaway brewing here behind the scenes.  Details to follow soon!

And, in more exciting news...I just noticed my mini eyeshadow compact was featured in an etsy treasury: size doesn't matter!!!  How fun!  My very first!

Greenleaf acetate windows

by brae  

Just a quick post to show how I install the acetate film for the Greenleaf windows, specifically shown here in the bathroom of Baxter Pointe Villa.

I use plain cardstock scrapbook paper for wallpaper, so it has some thickness to it, similar to the acetate film included with Greenleaf kits.  This process should work in a similar fashion with regular or printed dollhouse paper, but it won't really help with painted walls.

When I cut the openings for the windows, I label the cutout portions with both the directionality as well as what window it belongs to.  The pieces shown here are for a different set of windows not this bathroom, but you can see what I am getting at.  :]

I then use those pieces as templates to cut the acetate film slightly smaller than the outline, making sure to keep the film exactly as it was cut with the related template until I am ready to install it.  I keep mine in a regular white envelop in order to keep them organized and scratch free.

Once the wallpaper is in place, I check the fit of the acetate and adjust as needed.  I wash the window with soap and water to remove the fingerprints and dry with a soft towel.  After washing, I handle them only by the edges.  I use a tiny bit of tacky glue on the edges just to hold it in place inside the wallpaper opening while I prepare the window frame for installation.  It's a bit hard to see, but the film is in place in this photo.

I then glue the window frame to the wallpaper, effectively sandwiching the acetate between the window frame and the wall.  Now, you have a tight fit for the window frame against the wallpaper and the acetate stays securely in place.  It makes for a nice clean appearance.

click image to enlarge

In my example, I also added a cross mullion to my inner frame to match the exterior laser cut one.  It also helps keep the acetate from buckling, which can cause strange distortions when photographing.

Baxter Pointe Villa at night

by brae  

Now that my detailed blog posts on Baxter Pointe Villa are done, I thought I'd go back and take a few 'nighttime' photos to take advantage of the lighting I put in.

First, the living room with the artwork, aquarium and outdoor entryway lights on.  I like an aquarium at night in real life, too!  I like how the exterior light illuminates the background photo and makes it look like the last light of the day is just over the water.

click image to enlarge

The kitchen has been cleaned up from the light dinner and now we're out for a walk on the beach!

Sunset has just ended, but the night is so lovely we'll sit out here on the deck awhile longer.

The vanity light really illuminates the bathroom quite well for a non-LED fixture.

Just about ready for bed.

And, my personal favorite...the entryway.

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