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Dollhouse of the Month - Baxter Pointe Villa

by brae  

Gaye at My Small Obsession has featured Baxter Pointe Villa as the February 2012 Dollhouse of the Month!  :D  I'm so thrilled and honored! Be sure to have a look around her site.  There is a lot of eye candy and some great trash to treasure… more »

Perfect mitred baseboards - a tutorial

by brae  

One of the best ways to achieve realism in a miniature setting is to add baseboards.  But, nothing ruins that illusion more than big gaps at the joins.  With a little patience, there's a relatively quick fix to achieve perfect mitre joins, even if your… more »

Merry Mini Christmas!

by brae  

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season! Wrapping gifts at Baxter Pointe Villa. Spending a cold winter night at The Newport - It's so nice by the fire with a warm afghan. The gifts are all wrapped at The Newport. more »

Baxter Pointe Villa - a pictorial review

by brae  

Here is a compilation of the best of Baxter Pointe Villa.  To see a list of posts showing details on how I made things or what materials I used, as well as more pictures, click this link.   Porch and deck   Living Room  … more »

What's old is new again

by brae  

I found this vintage white wire set on eBay and instantly saw its potential.  All the pieces were in sorry shape.  The chairs were chipped and had paint globs on them.  The table was also chipped and the acrylic top was shattered.  The swing had glue… more »

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