Category: "Greenleaf 2011 Spring Fling - Baxter Pointe Villa"

Mini magazines

by brae  

Today, I worked on duplicating a mass of Coastal Living magazines in miniature.  This process will work for books as well, so I've taken some screenshots while I worked in case anyone else has a hankering to duplicate something in their own collection. … more »

Mini bicycles

by brae  

Now, I love my 1:14 scale remote control Audi, though in person it's not as realistic as I would like. click image to enlarge These bicycles, on the other hand, are marvelous!   more »

Greenleaf 2011 Spring Fling Contest

by brae  

The new Greenleaf Spring Fling kit was announced on Monday.  I didn't have any real notion of entering the contest again this year, but the chatter on the Greenleaf Forum was catching.  :D  And, the kit is wonderful.  There have been several ideas… more »

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