Category: "Greenleaf 2011 Spring Fling - Baxter Pointe Villa"

Turning walnut into cherry

by brae  

For one of the rooms in my Spring Fling, I wanted a dark wood floor.  All I had on hand was a sheet of walnut wood flooring.  I cut a larger portion than I needed for the room and taped it to a flat board. click image to enlarge I brushed on FolkArt… more »

My Spring Fling has termites!

by brae  

Cut, cut, there any wood left?!!  :O more »

Vintage Millie August kits - part 2

by brae  

I finished the couch over the weekend, and now I've finally tackled the chair.   The couch didn't have a side chair counterpart, but I thought this would work well as an alternative.  But, I didn't want it to look like a vanity chair so much as a com… more »

Vintage Millie August furniture kits

by brae  

I found these two kits at a local hobby store that was having a moving sale.  The fabric is a bit rough for scale, though the finished photos on the kits look wonderful.  I had some ivory muslin in my fabric stash, so I gave that a try as well to see whi… more »

What the devil is she doing?!

by brae  

Wouldn't you like to know?  ;] The cut pieces are a little scary, aren't they?  No turning back now.  :] more »

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