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Baxter Pointe Villa listed on etsy

by brae  

NOTE: some of you may notice the prices in my etsy shop are being displayed with shipping included per listing.  This is a test being run by etsy and does not reflect any combined shipping discount.  I have not raised my pricing, and I will continue to… more »

Baxter Pointe Villa is for sale

by brae  

I'm finally listing a house for sale (here's the listing on eBay).  I doubt I will let go of many, so this is a big step for me.  :]  I'm located in the Chicago area if someone coming to the April shows is interested.  Due to the delicate wind turbine… more »

Baxter Pointe Villa, after the renovation

by brae  

After the lightning strike on my condo, a couple of the houses suffered some damage.  One was Baxter Pointe Villa, where the Yes paste had failed in the kitchen, bath and living room. I removed the wallpaper and aquarium (which I wanted to keep in my… more »

Baxter Pointe Villa in print

by brae  

Last month, I received a coupon from World Market for a free 8" x 8" photo book with 20 pages from Shutterfly.  I did some upgrades and ended up spending a little cash, but I now have a lovely book all about Baxter Pointe Villa.   The quality is… more »

Beautiful modern pillows from Dale's Dreams

by brae  

I recently received two lovely pillows from Dale at Dale's Dreams.  They are so well made and match the décor of Baxter Pointe Villa perfectly. The headboard has a similar polka dot theme in black and grey, and unless my next modern build takes a fan… more »

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