Greenleaf 2010 Spring Fling - Baslow Ranch

by brae  

This was my first time working with a Greenleaf kit.  The 1/8" plywood walls gave me some fits with the warping, but the laser cut pieces were great to work with.  Overall, I loved this kit!

The overall feel I went for with this project was that of a late 1880s building that had been updated over time with electricity and other "modern" features of the passing times.  It now sits as an open air, living museum to remind us how people lived and worked.  I relied heavily on my trip to Bodie, CA - an open ghost town where you can walk around and explore - as well as other living museums I have visited.

I decided on a name sometime ago for the Newport: Baslow Manor, though I haven't posted about this previously.  The name is in honor of several of my recent pets: Basil (pronounced bazzill), my beloved cat who passed away in September 2009; Clover, a sleek and beautiful Chinese dwarf hamster; and Willow, a Russian dwarf hamster who went through a lot in his long life and held on tenaciously until the very end.  My current pets are Baxter, a Roborovski hamster, and Jasper, a domestic shorthair cat recently acquired from a local shelter.  I suppose their names could be considered included in the name, too.  :D

To expand on this name, I've named the Spring Fling structure Baslow Ranch, established in 1888.  It's where the Baslow Manor money comes from.  ;]  What they made their money in is still a mystery, but this building remains, along with the family estate (the Newport).  I dedicate this build to all my animal companions, past and present.

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And, the back:

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A close up of the sign and light over the barn doors.

Attached to the main barn is a room for rent.  Both the above sign and this one were created in Word and printed on paper.  I glued the paper to a wood backing and aged with paint washes.

The backdrop I used in some of the shots is a photograph I took in Bodie, CA.  This was a great place to visit - a bit of a chore to get there but more than worth the effort (bring a hat and sunscreen!).  I took over a hundred photos walking around this open museum ghost town.

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I tried to make as much as possible for this project, not only to stay on budget but to see what I could accomplish on my own.  The things I didn't make include: lights, buckets, barrels, as well as the glass, ceramic and metal minis.  Of the minis I bought, however, I still changed most in some way by either painting or weathering or both.  The blog entries for this build might jump around a bit in the actual chronology of assembly, but I've tried to group portions together in a way that makes sense.

Even though I mostly relied on my own photos from my Bodie, CA ghost town visit, I did do some minor research through the library on wagons and rural life of the late 1800s/early 1900s.  I highly recommend the book I See by Your Outfit: Historic Cowboy Gear of the Northern Plains by Tom Lindmier and Steve Mount.  It has an amazing collection of old photographs that are an excellent source of study as well as being just plain interesting to look at.  Some of the photographs are so clear you can see the texture of the fabrics and the individual hairs of the horses.

Some other notable books I looked at had schematic drawings of wagons and carts.  I reduced a couple of the vintage advertisements in one of the books and printed them for inclusion in the barn.  I don't recall which book exactly, but all of the ones I viewed were by John Thompson.

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The posts detailing the build are coming soon - likely on Monday - be sure to click through enough pages to see them all once they're posted - there will be a lot of photos!  :D


Comment from: Cynthia [Visitor]
Wow! Brae, if this is spring fling you've definitely flung big time! I love it - great job! The wagon is especially fascinating - very realistic. Cynthia
05/28/10 @ 14:52
Comment from: Julie S [Visitor]
I love it!!!! I can't wait to see the rest of the pics!
05/28/10 @ 15:22
Comment from: Casey [Visitor]
This is great! I didn't think that I would like anything done in this building. I do like yours....Love yours. It reminds me of some of the real ghost towns that I have been in, here in AZ. Well done!!!
05/28/10 @ 19:10
Comment from: carrie [Visitor]  
WOW did you enter into the hbs contest too? you should! this is fab!
05/31/10 @ 16:55
Comment from: brae [Member]
Thank you, everyone! I'll definitely be entering the HBS contest, too. :D
05/31/10 @ 17:07
Comment from: Tom McGurn [Visitor]
Hi Brae: Working away at my Baslow kit - have a question. Where did you find the exterior lights? Just getting into the added room portion now and still working on the main. Wagon done. My exterior is well aged off white (aged white color) with old rust trim. Looks pretty good so far. Thanks for the lighting info. Tom
01/06/12 @ 18:16
Comment from: brae [Member]
Hi, Tom! You can find the lights at - search for black coach sconce. :D I'm eager to see your project!
01/06/12 @ 18:29

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