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Greenleaf 2010 Spring Fling Countdown...

by brae  

12 days to go...

I finished the project about a week ago, but I have been making a few things here and there to add to it.  The birds nest was made using an online tutorial as a starting point, but I used what I had on hand instead of their suggested materials.  It's about 7/8" in diameter, maybe a bit large for scale but pretty close for my first attempt.  The bird is by Falcon Miniatures.

Looking forward to the big reveal...  :]

Greenleaf 2010 Spring Fling Progress...

by brae  

24 days to go...

Just a teaser photo...I'm not going to post anything more just yet...but I have several lengthy blog posts in the works.

I have about a week's worth of work left on the project, having finished the building itself earlier this week.  I need to do the landscaping and build a few more minor accessories.  I'm so excited about this build; it's so different from the Newport!  :D

Flipping the opening direction of a Houseworks door

by brae  

Houseworks has some of the best dollhouse components on the market, and their doors are fabulous in that they are premade and hung in frames.  All you have to do is slide them into place.  But, sometimes you want the door to open the other direction.  As they are currently made, if the premade door is facing you, the door opens in to the right.

Here's how I flipped one to open in to the left.  First, I used masking tape to indicate the "up" direction and sides 1 and 2.

I removed the hinge pin on the bottom but left the pin at the top in the door.

I then measured where the original holes were and marked that same measurement on the opposite side.  These need to be precise.  I then used a tiny hand drill to make the new holes.  I slid my drill bit into the original hole to make sure I had the right size before drilling on the opposite side.

top of door frame

bottom of door frame

I installed the original door with side 2 facing me.  The door now opens in to the left.  The original holes can be filled or left in case you change your mind again.  :D

Since you are always keeping the up side in the right direction, this will work with other paneled doors where there is an obvious up direction.

Greenleaf 2010 Spring Fling Contest

by brae  

Work on the Newport will slow down for the next two months as I build a Greenleaf kit for their annual Spring Fling contest.  I have a couple of ideas, though I can't share them just yet.

But, I can share the first of the dry build photos.  The main kit is called a garage, but it can be a number of things.

click image to enlarge

I also got the additional room.

click image to enlarge

click image to enlarge

I will continue to work on the Newport in the meantime, but stayed tuned for the full story on the Spring Fling contest at the end of May!  :]  I have a ton of ideas to share.

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