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Roland Sneakypants

by brae  

How's that for a name?!!  :D   Roland the raccoon is a fine miniature made by Steve Panner.  He has been doing miniatures only a short time, but the work is remarkable.   Roland is the perfect city animal for The Brownstone.  :]   Here's a fun video sho… more »

Spider webs in 1:12 scale

by brae  

I knew when I finished Baslow Ranch that if I just left it to dust and time, it would become more realistic with age.  In addition to the light coating of dust from the past two years, the barn has apparently attracted the attention of small spiders --… more »

Rustic farm wagon listed on etsy

by brae  

The wagon is now listed for sale in my etsy shop.  You can find the listing here. I painted the exterior of the wagon with a mixture of black and green paint, though it ended up being very dark grey with just a hint of green.  I used 1/8" wide Instant… more »

Seasons: minis and the backdrop

by brae  

I love to use backdrops in my photos of miniature scenes.  I think it adds a lot of realism and perspective.  Here is the kitchen in Baxter Pointe Villa.  The scene in the background is appropriately captioned On the Beach. click image to enlarge The… more »

Baslow Ranch - a pictorial review

by brae  

click image to enlarge Old lumpy mattress click image to enlarge Burrowing Owl Attic click image to enlarge click image to enlarge click image to enlarge To see a list of posts showing details on how I made things or what… more »

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