Glass block window - part 2

by brae  

One element from the abandoned build that is staying for the new build is the glass block window. I can always make another when I return to the other project in the future.

I originally wanted a working hopper vent for the window, but in the interest of saving time, I opted to make a solid window for the middle. I could have filled in the space with more glass blocks, but I like the break in the pattern the window provides. I built the window from styrene sheet, styrene rod and rippled water sheet.


Comment from: Sheila Lester [Visitor]
I really like how that looks.
11/30/20 @ 08:40
Comment from: Linda Ford [Visitor]
Did you make the deadline????
12/12/20 @ 13:19
Comment from: brae [Member]
Thank you! :>>

The deadline is coming up.... 88|
12/14/20 @ 13:52

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