Garage update

by brae  

I have been making some progress on the garage.  I cut grooves for the front lighting wires and put up the wallpaper (scrapbook paper by Martha Stewart in a color called swan, a very pale green).  I left the ceiling plain wood painted white since the surface was fairly smooth.

Next came the scary part of installing the Timberbrook garage door.  Scary because if something went wrong, it would mean a lot of work to repair.

I first cut some holes in the wallpaper so the glue would adhere to the wood and not just the paper.  I figured this would add to the stability of the door moving up and down.

After following the easy instructions of the kit, I decided lifting the door was still a little unstable.  I added a thin strip of wood connecting the ends of the ceiling track, and the door moved much more freely in the track.

The garage is technically removable from the main house, though the wires need to be disconnected before doing so.  I left it detachable in case I need to move the build sometime in the future.

I set up a few things I've acquired to put in the garage, though I have more planned for this space.

The car is a 1:14 scale remote control Audi TT.  The lights come on only when the car is in motion, so I had to prop up the back wheels to prevent movement as I photographed the car with the lights on.


Comment from: Kathi [Visitor]
LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Thanks so much for showing how you installed the door. Great idea to support the back. Your little car looks AWESOME with the lights on! I like your ceiling lights too. :D IT'S ALL GOOD!
03/29/11 @ 18:19
Comment from: Angie Martin Hall [Visitor]
Yeah! This WAS the car I was rooting for. I love your work,,,uh, play.
01/12/12 @ 07:48

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