Garage door

by brae  

I used a Timberbrook garage door kit, which came with a preassembled door, tracks and hardware.

Choosing a color for the garage door was not easy.  I loved the raw kit, but the natural wood door with the white painted trim and overall red brick didn't look right.  I had used some leftover black stain from IKEA for the front door and liked the look of it well enough to use it on the garage as well.

While I was researching garages during the build phase, I ran across some high-end garage door styles.  I especially liked the ones with window grilles.

I had to use something flat so it wouldn't interfere with the function of the garage door, but I doubted I would ever be able to find something that would fit perfectly inside the existing window openings.

The windows in the garage door were not removable, so I used cut pieces of vellum paper to mimic frosted windows.  I then glued some jewelry findings over the openings.

It's not a perfect fit, but I do think it gives the illusion of grates over the windows and dresses up the overall look of the door.  Since these are glued on and not tacked on with nails, it would be easy to change out the pieces if I do end up finding something more suitable.  In fact, I already found something that might work better...just need to order it.  :)

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