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Little potted topiaries

by brae  

I love topiaries...and I've made the taller outdoor kind once before.  They have faded since then, in case you're wondering how the cilantro fared.  :D

Using tiny Squeeze Me bushes this time, I made a few tabletop topiaries for interior decorating.  This one was my test subject, and I loved it so much as is that I left the stem unpainted.  This one will live with me.

These two, however, are both listed separately in my etsy shop.

Here's a penny for scale.

They are perfect for a kitchen, mantle display or a conservatory.

Planting The Tree, part 1

by brae  

Time to tackle the portion of the landscaping surrounding The Tree.  :D

I sculpted the circular base to start, cutting out channels for the roots and making the outer edge of the circle blend into the surrounding areas.   I also cut out the area under one of the upward-curving roots in both the circular base and the initial foam base down to the wood base board.

I made divots in initial base to sink the root tips.

Using the slivers of foam cut from the initial foam pieces that make up the lawn, I built up the area under and around the roots though nothing is glued in place just yet.  I'll need to sculpt the flat front corner of the lawn as well.  Yes, that big root will stick out of the ground...yet another lawn hazard.  :O

I covered the hole and added foam pieces to abut the back of the root that defines its opening.

So, what's the hole for?   Grahame!!!  :D

I won't make him live in this tiny, cramped burrow full time, but it sure will be cute to take some photos of him peeking out from under The Tree!

The Tree - foliage

by brae  

I wrote a post just over a year ago on my landscaping materials from Scenery Express for the Heritage.  In that post, I mentioned building a tree from Fall Mixed Wire Foliage Branches by JTT Scenery Products.  These are meant to be standalone trees in smaller scales.

After building the dogwood tree, with its individual leaves and flowers, I didn't think The Tree would stand for foam foliage.  Plus, I will be scattering the realistic leaves I took so much time to make, so the leaves on the ground should match those on The Tree.

Instead of making more right from the start, I filtered out the maple leaves from the bunch I already had.  There are 88 branches, so I figured 1-3 leaves per.  Mid to late October often sees sparse trees with more leaves on the ground than on the branches.

I colored the stems on these leaves with a brown marker so they would blend in more with the branches.  I'll leave the ones for the ground as is since those look better without the darker stem.

I glued them on individually, just enough to give The Tree a pop of color and some life.  Having leaves on the ends of the branches also disguises the non-tapered ends resulting from the water putty process.

This old tree isn't dead or dying by any means.  It's just ready for its winter slumber.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Once I have the roof finished, I'll plant it and sculpt around the roots.  :]

As for the original foliage branches, I'll save those for my next project where they will be colorful low-lying vegetation.  :]

Hallway vignette completed

by brae  

The balcony railing is still a work in progress so this upstairs 'room' isn't yet complete, but I have finished the vignette that will sit to the left of the bathroom door.

The table is a House of Miniatures Hepplewhite Side table with hand painted designs and added elements inspired by a real life sized antique table.

The books are some of the many I made while filling the parlor bookcase.

The vase and bird figurine were purchased awhile ago, but I'm no longer sure of the vendor.  The flowers are Bonnie Lavish red dahlias.

I made the tiny red alarm clock from a rounded wood cap from Hobby Lobby, two silver brads and a gunmetal head pin.  The feet are Tiny Turnings.  The face is a printed image from The Graphics Fairy with a clear cabochon sticker to simulate glass.  I had made a set of vintage table clocks for another miniaturist through my etsy shop, and I liked the red one so well I knew I would need one for the Heritage.

The artwork is a photograph from artisan Natasha Fadeeva.  She makes the most amazing little animals.  I just swoon over her mice!!!  :D  I contacted her about using the vintage mice photos in the Heritage, and she graciously gave me her permission.  I haven't yet framed the other.

I love the red and round theme of this vignette.  :D

Alright - here's a side sneak peek

by brae  

This isn't the final sneak peek I have planned, but you are all being so patient I thought I would offer something pretty to tide you over.  ;D

These are Bonnie Lavish Grandaflora Roses in white.  The laser cut edges give them a soft pink hue when assembled.  The glass jars are from a miniatures lot I bought on craigslist awhile back.

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