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Making pretty plants

by brae  

I've made two of the five plants needed for the rustic planter.  The one on the left is a verbascum plant by The Miniature Garden, and the one on the right has three daisies by Bonnie Lavish with some greenery from A Little More in Miniatures. I've m… more »

Dogwood tree - first round of leaves and flowers on

by brae  

Since there is a deadline to the Spring Fling and I do have a number of other things to finish besides the dogwood tree, I decided to first put a leaf and flower assembly on the tip of every branch.  There are just under 100 of them, and if I had to sto… more »

Dogwood tree progress

by brae  

After my last post, Fran suggested a more textured and greyer trunk.  I wasn't able to bump up the texture too much, but I did add a couple of grey washes to tone down the dark brown color I had going.   I already knew I needed lighter color leaves af… more »

Spring Fling - Dogwood Tree

by brae  

Okay, so I won't be giving anything away to say what sort of tree I am making for the Spring Fling.  Here's the tree after adding the water putty and paint washes.  The tree stands just under 11" tall. Who's that there?  Looks like Grahame the badger… more »

The Tree, part 3

by brae  

Continuing the creation of The Tree using the tutorial from the DVD Master Miniaturists: Landscaping Primer with Diane Myrick. I had considered carving bark texture into the putty but decided it was probably more work than it was worth.  Instead, I did… more »

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