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The Tree - foliage

by brae  

I wrote a post just over a year ago on my landscaping materials for the Heritage.  In that post, I mentioned building a tree from Fall Mixed Wire Foliage Branches by JTT Scenery Products.  These are meant to be standalone trees in smaller scales. Aft… more »

Hallway vignette completed

by brae  

The balcony railing is still a work in progress so this 'room' isn't yet complete, but I have finished the vignette that will sit to the left of the bathroom door.   The table is a House of Miniatures Hepplewhite Side table with handpainted designs an… more »

Alright - here's a side sneak peek

by brae  

This isn't the final sneak peek I have planned, but you are all being so patient I thought I would offer something pretty to tide you over.  ;D These are Bonnie Lavish Grandaflora Roses in white.  The laser cut edges give them a soft pink hue when… more »


by brae  

I am in the home stretch on the Spring Fling, and I figured it was time for a sneak peek! I've used some "squeeze me" shrubs in my!  They look so realistic...and they are fun to squeeze.  :D more »

More pretty plants

by brae  

Yeah, so I miscounted.  :D  I needed six plants for the six pots I had in the planter. From left to right: - Bonnie Lavish pansies - Lavender and Erica moss from The Miniature Garden - Bonnie Lavish cushion mums - Greenery (yes, I am aware it's orang… more »

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