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Milo Valley Farm - landscaping - flowers, part 1

by brae  

I've got something up my sleeve which will require a lot of tiny white flowers. *a lot* I'm starting with tiny pre-cut impatiens from Small Talk (no website, purchased at the local shows). They have some imperfections in punching, but they will work well overall. I'll clean them up a bit as needed.… more »

Milo Valley Farm - landscaping - leaves

by brae  

I've made leaves from scratch in the past, but this time I am using a different approach. I bought two packets of pre-cut maple leaves in brown paper. These are by Marcy Jaffe but I bought them from a secondary seller on eBay. I decided to make up one packet, which includes two sheets, to start.… more »

Potted plants

by brae  

I've got spring fever!!!  I miss greenery and soft breezes, so I've made some new potted plants in two sizes for my etsy shop. I also miss the Brownstone! Roland has one of these.  :D more »

The Bay Tree - part 3

by brae  

Continuing work on the Bay Tree kit from The Miniature Garden.  I painted the branches a mix of dark grey brown and used a stylus to add a center vein to all of the leaves in the package.  I figured I would curl all of the leaves even if I ended up have… more »

Happy Easter 2014!

by brae  

Archer and Juniper are sharing some treats today! I've used a basket from Nikki Rowe and ribbon candy from Blondie.  The birds are by Barbara Ann Meyer, and the plants are from Michelle of Little Rabbit Minis and The white Easter bunny… more »

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