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Ivy Hollow - tree, part 3

by brae  

Continuing work on the tree. Sprouting foliage! :D

Good thing I chose autumn, so my tree can be sparse. haaaaa

Ivy Hollow - tree, part 2

by brae  

Continuing work on the tree. I have the tree painted and detailed, and I separated the foliage branches from two bundles of candytuft. Too bad I can't just say "alakazam" and have the foliage appear on the tree. :\

The trunk is somewhere between grey and brown. I mix at random and fine-tune until I get there since there isn't a good color straight out of the bottle.

The foliage branches next need to have their stem portions painted to match - or relatively close.

Ivy Hollow - tree, part 1

by brae  

I'm working on another tree this year. I'm using the same wire and putty technique I've used in the past for the trunk - notes at the bottom.

The first layer of putty is on with at least one more to go, where I will add texture.

I like how the tall tree forces the perspective. Jebediah looks more in scale with the tree in place.

I plan to use candytuft for the foliage. This is autumn gold candytuft from Scenery Solutions - 4 bundles.


Notes: Link to my last big tree - follow the links in the first sentence back through the process.

A good starting source if you can find it is the DVD Master Miniaturists: Landscaping Primer with Diane Myrick. I got mine through interlibrary loan. This whole series is just awesome! 

The tutorial by Connie Sauve on using candytuft for the foliage. I doubt I will go back to using individual leaves again unless I want a specific type of tree where candytuft won't work. :]

Ivy Hollow - that time of year...

by brae  

Looks like I'm doing an autumn scene this time. :D This is autumn gold candytuft from Scenery Solutions - 4 bundles. I'll start making a tree trunk soon.

The HC - landscaping

by brae  

The landscaping board is finished on the edges with iron-on veneer edging.  I then glued layers of white 1/16" foam sheets by Woodland Scenics using Weldbond glue.  I went with thin foam so I could keep the land relatively flat on the baseboard while still allowing for natural unevenness.

For the grass, I'm using Heki Summer Meadow Field Grass.  It has a paper backing that isn't the easiest to seam, but I do like the color, variation and texture.  I also had it in my stash already, so that saved on costs.

Since I'll be planting the 20 shrubs I made around the structure, I opted for mulched areas. This cut down on the grass quite a bit. I started in the back on one side and cut a strip of grass with an uneven edge for a more natural look.

I glued this with Weldbond glue spread with a brush.

I added Woodland Scenics Fine Dark Brown Ballast as the mulch base, to serve as dirt. If there are any bare spots in the mulch, this will blend well.

I held it in place with Woodland Scenics Scenic Cement applied with a pipette.

I colored the edge closest to the brick with a brown Sharpie to allow for better blending.  The edge of the grass would be a light green otherwise and somewhat out of place.


I let the ballast dry overnight, then added the mulch.  Again, I used Woodland Scenics Scenic Cement applied with a pipette.

I let the mulch dry overnight and vacuumed the lawn to get rid of any excess.  The shrubs are glued right on top of the mulch with Weldbond and a dab of super glue gel to hold them steady while the white glue dried.  I foresee at least one of these popping off in the future, but at least they are easily repaired or replaced.  :]

With the landscaping in place, it finally looks like a solid structure.  :]

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